Zero Knowledge Utility Token

Zero-Knowledge Utility Tokens address the industry's privacy concerns with public blockchain technology. ZK-tokens leverage zero-knowledge proof systems (ZKP) to enable anonymous user identification, a key ingredient for the Digital Identity / Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) use case.

A digital voucher
Utility tokens are often used as a type of digital currency that can be spent within blockchain-based ecosystems.

In most blockchains, spending behavior, balances, and other sensitive information is shared in an unencrypted form with the entire network. This lack of privacy is exactly what has deterred enterprises from using public blockchain solution. The Dusk Network addresses these privacy concerns head-on. Zero-Knowledge Utility Tokens rely on advanced cryptographic primitives that guarantee that the transmission of data is private, safe and secure. Thanks to this layer of privacy, and the versatile zero-knowledge proof system PLONK, use cases such as digital identity / self-sovereign identity become a distant reality. 

2Token initiative
As an Advisory Board member of 2Tokens, we see the tokenization agendas in the Netherlands and wider Europe being accelerated. Now the initiative selected Dusk Network as the technology provider for their financing needs. Once the 2Tokens fundraiser is completed 2Tokens will commence with the issuance of the Zero-Knowledge Utility Token TWO on Dusk Network.

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