2021: The Year of Dusk | Bringing light to the financial ecosystem
By Robin Massini

Jan 07, 2021

What we’ll be working on & what you can expect this year.

In the eyes of the world, 2021 represents a clean slate and a fresh start. For Dusk Network, it represents a pivotal year for the project as we accelerate towards the foundational milestones planned in the coming months. The holiday season has only just wrapped up, yet our teams are back at it, developing the technology for the future of finance and finalizing the collaborations & agreements that will assure 2021 is the year of Dusk.

To thank the community, and welcome them into the New Year, Founder & Tech Lead Emanuele Francioni would like to share this message with you:

Worldwide Adoption

Dusk Network exists to revolutionize financial applications, and we’re doing this by (a) creating a completely new privacy-first blockchain for financial applications, and (b) by designing for compliance with the highest of regulatory standards.

The adoption of cryptocurrency across the world is accelerating, and the first lighthouse projects are being created to become proof of its multi-trillion dollar potential. Whereas Bitcoin has achieved a regulatory moat, and is being eyed - even by the world’s largest pension funds - as the world’s newest store of value, Ethereum is the staging field for numerous novel applications.

To take it a step further, we need the financial world to progress from pilots and proof of concepts to fully embracing public blockchain technology, and for that to happen we need three things:

  • Strong privacy guarantees to adhere to regulations and keep client information confidential
  • Reliable and final transaction processing
  • Safety through advanced auditability and compliance features.


To give you all better insight into the building blocks and progress indicators that collectively shape our internal development overview, we’ll be releasing a broad-strokes visualization with you soon; our ‘thank you’ for your trust and support over the past year.

2021 | What's to come

For the first 100 days of 2021, the R&D and development departments are hyperfocused on completing the E2E Release Candidate. After the publication of the Dusk Network E2E Release Candidate, a period of testing and auditing will commence. During these months, our R&D department will continue researching cryptographic and zero-knowledge innovations that are set to improve the Dusk Network in the years to come. As for now, the official Dusk Network mainnet launch is bound for 2021.

and its not just some mainnet, it's the release of the world’s first privacy blockchain with native zero-knowledge smart contracts for truly confidential transactions and privacy-centered applications. A layer-1 blockchain, powered by the state-of-the-art PLONK zero-knowledge proof system. The launch of a consensus mechanism like no other, giving birth to the concept of private Proof-of-Stake. And the development of highly innovative zero-knowledge applications that are compliant.

Privacy is a fundamental right that is protected by regulations and legislation. Dusk Network is the only blockchain that provides privacy and auditability, with the principal utility for the network to let organizations secure capital, trade assets, and access a full spectrum of financial services through a disintermediated global and compliant network.

It should be clear by now that no other blockchain is close to a solution like ours. Our tech team pushed the boundaries of zero-knowledge applications, and has since become the go-to-authority for other projects seeking implementation benefits of zero-knowledge technology.

To ensure you remain up to date on Dusk Network developments, we highly recommend following the project through these channels:


Or follow us on Twitter, Telegram Ann., Telegram Disc.

The year of DUSK

Since the birth of Dusk Network in early 2018, one of the key factors in the project’s enduring success has been the unwavering commitment and support of our community. In many ways, increasing the transparency of our development progress is our way of reciprocating for the trust put into the team. We’re convinced that 2021 will be the year of Dusk, and it is our community and supporter base that will first see that trust and their efforts realized through the project.

And for those who are still learning about Dusk Network: we’re creating the infrastructure for the future of finance. Come and see.

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