2022: All About Growth
By Mels Dees

Jan 04, 2022

Dear Dusk Community,

On February 1st, the public launch of our Testnet Daybreak will be a fact. What comes next is an expansion of the network, in every sense of the word.

Testnet provides the Dusk Network community, as well as the general public, the opportunity to interact directly with the protocol. This milestone is already creating significant momentum in the crypto space, and our plans to expand even further aim to amplify this sentiment.

By building upon the foundational technology of the protocol, hiring for a variety of new positions within Dusk Network’s research and marketing departments, and growing our business relations with notable players in their respective fields, we will truly exceed the project’s potential and make 2022 our own.

When it comes to technological progress, 2021 has been an exceedingly fruitful year. We’ve made some amazing breakthroughs when it comes to zero-knowledge technology and hashing algorithms, as well as the creation of a Virtual Machine environment that is friendly to Zero-Knowledge Proofs; all these elements are combined in our Testnet.

Now we aim to build upon these foundational technologies with RUSK, our own smart contract platform, which makes it possible for all developers to build on top of the Dusk Network. We’ll also continue to implement hybrid transaction model Zedger to cater the network to a new standard for security tokens (the XSC), and remain at the forefront of recursion research, to name a few. To achieve this, we aim to significantly grow our developer community.

And the Dusk Network family keeps on growing. Expansion of the team has been consistent over the past months, with several more additions to be announced in the coming weeks. 2022 will see the start of an unprecedented hiring campaign. We’re well within our means to scale the business further and attract some of the finest talents for the roles we desire. This includes the fields of UX, Business Development, R&D, and of course growing the number of developers (Rustaceans) building Dusk Network’s future.

Expect expansion mania to hit Dusk’s marketing team. To capitalize on the current attention Dusk Network is receiving, we need to accurately and concisely convey what the company is setting out to do, how it has the edge on competitors, and how the L1 protocol enables critical applications which were previously impossible.

2022 is set to be a wild ride, and we’re more than grateful to have you along for it. We won’t rest until Dusk Network has become the Zero-Knowledge backbone for a fairer future of finance.

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