A Message From Dusk Network: 2021 in the Rearview
By Mels Dees

Dec 24, 2021

Dear Dusk Community,

As you can see in this round-up of the year’s developments, the progress made by our team has been nothing short of incredible, and our Testnet launch in February will be a testament to their hard work. But we couldn’t have gotten here without you, the community of Dusk supporters who see what we see: a need for privacy that is currently unprovided for within the financial systems.

Take a look back with us at 2021, and enjoy this special message from Founder & Tech Lead Emanuele Francioni:

With your support, Dusk Network will reach new heights of development and exposure in 2022; a transformative year for us. Please enjoy your holiday season and we’ll see you all in the new year!

The Developments of 2021 | From Start To Finish





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