DUSK is now available on Binance Liquid Swap
By Robin Massini

Jun 15, 2021

The most popular Binance Earn product added DUSK. Swap for low fees and provide liquidity to start earning on your DUSK.

We’re excited to announce that Binance Liquid Swap has opened the DUSK/USDT liquidity pool. Add liquidity to the DUSK/USDT pool, and collect your share of 850.000 DUSK in yield-farming rewards.

Why should I choose Liquid Swap for my trades?

⚡️ DUSK enthusiasts can now benefit from an extra option to trade and provide liquidity. With low transaction fees and zero gas- and admin fees, users pay a fee as low as 0.06%~0.1% per transaction.

Why should I provide liquidity?

💡 Benefit from an extra opportunity to earn on your DUSK holding. When the DUSK rewards pool has been distributed, users will continue to receive stable and attractive rewards in BNB.

Adding funds to a liquidity pool carries certain risks like impermanent loss. The token distribution returned to you upon removal may differ from your initial input. Read more about Impermanent Loss.

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