Pre-registration is now open! Block Generator staking live on August 17th
By Mels Dees

Aug 05, 2020

Become a Block Generator and earn $DUSK while bolstering our network

Dusk Network’s staking campaign is set to go live on the 17th of August, 13:00 CEST (GMT+2) and we want you to sign up to become a network participant. This means locking your DUSK in support of the network. Pre-registering gives you a headstart on receiving all staking information to stay ahead of the curve and be well prepared for launch day staking. It also allows you to benefit from early staking rewards.

Complete your pre-registration for staking through the link below. Registered users will be first to receive staking updates!

Staking Website

Pre-registration for this phase of our staking campaign allows you to function as a Block Generator. The act of Block Generator staking bolsters the network while rewarding you with DUSK; a win-win for everyone involved.

If you’d like to know more about Block Generators, please read our introductory article on Dusk Network's Consensus Algorithm.

Rewards Table

Block Generators are in constant competition with each other. Every consensus round they strive to produce the winning bid and have their candidate block added to the network. As opposed to Provisioners, being a Block Generator is slightly more exclusive in terms of eligibility. By means of locking up a fixed amount of 100.000 (100K) $DUSK in the ERC-20 staking contract you can list yourself as Block Generator and start earning competitive rewards.

Block Generators share in a monthly reward pool of 250.000 (250K) $DUSK. Actual rewards depend on the timing of entering your stake (first-movers advantage), and how fierce the competition is. Potential rewards are demonstrated in the Reward Table below.

Here’s what participants stand to gain in Annual Percentage Rate, based on the amount of Generators staking:

*Note: there is no limited to the amount of Block Generators that can participate.

Rules of the Game

The primary objective of pre-staking is to test the readiness of users to become a node, and gradually increase the amount of nodes that are staking on our route to genesis and reward community involvement accordingly. As staking is a bond of trust between the community and the network, the campaign is set-up in a way that rewards long-term commitment.

During the pre-staking campaign:

  • To become a Block Generator requires a lock-up commitment of 100.000 (100K) $DUSK.
  • There is a minimum 30-day staking lock-up period. You will receive rewards during this period, but cannot initiate a withdrawal, or the cooldown period (see below).
  • If you wish to withdraw your stake, a 7-day cooldown period applies during which you do not earn rewards. The cooldown period cannot be initiated until the 30-day staking lock-up period has ended.
  • Rewards are calculated on a daily basis, thus it can take up to a full-day before you become eligible for any reward.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

If you feel like you’ve come to terms with the terminology of our Consensus Algorithm & the staking mechanics, you might feel ready to dive in immediately. However, if you’re not quite sure yet, don’t fret. We’ve collected a list of pre-emptive questions you might have regarding the act, the reward, and the requirements of Block Generator staking here:

Staking FAQ

Or register directly for Block Generator staking on the staking website.

Preparing for Staking..

We’re excited to launch Block Generator staking as the first phase in the larger Dusk Network staking campaign. However, we also realize that the requirements set for Block Generator staking are not achievable for everyone. This is why the next phase of our staking campaign introduces Provisioner staking, which greatly expands accessibility. Stay tuned for phase two, to be launched in the near future!

Interested in helping power Dusk Network, or looking to stay ahead of the queue and not miss a single announcement involving DUSK staking?

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*Note: by registering for Block Generator staking on the staking website, you will also be subscribed to this mailing list automatically.

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