Code Release - Cryptography Module
By Dusk Network

May 18, 2019 - Amsterdam

Today we are very excited to release our first Cryptography Module powering the golang reference implementation of our public Dusk Network Github. Aside from the core primitives, the module contains the implementations of compression-enabled BN-256 elliptic curve, BLS signature scheme (safe from rogue key attack), bLSAG ring signature scheme and rangeproof in Bulletproofs using Ristretto curve.

After a period of stealth development, we are finally ready to slowly migrate our private repositories to Github. As we are big believers in open-source our code is naturally released under the popular MIT license.

Find the cryptography HERE.

Dusk — Technology for Securities

Dusk streamlines the issuance of digital securities and automates trading compliance with the world’s first programmable and confidential securities.

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