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Jan 25, 2019

Even in a bear market, everyone is excited for Digital Share Offerings. What if there was a way to issue a digital shares on-chain while preserving confidentiality of transactions and providing the tools needed for auditability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Emanuele Francioni and Jelle Pol, the co-founders of Dusk Network have been interviewed by three large tech-oriented podcasts to explain what we are building, how and why.

“Podcasts are excellent to get more out of your daily commute”.

We have collected the links and embedded the podcasts for your convenience.



#142 - Interview with Dusk.Network, Jelle Pol and Emanuele Francioni

Decentral Podcast

Decentralised is a podcast exploring blockchain, cryptocurrencies, consciousness, technology, and the future.

14 Emanuele Francioni & Jelle Pol | Dusk Network - Decentralised Podcast


Check out Crypto101’s — lengthy and in-depth piece on Dusk HERE.


How to learn more about Dusk Network

The Dusk Network is a project coordinated by the Dusk Foundation. We are a decentralized ecosystem entirely focused on providing the perfect trade-off between privacy and transparency. Dusk protects privacy and fits regulations in payments, communications and asset transfers.

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