Coronavirus: We are working remotely and work continues unabated
By Sabine de Witte

Mar 16, 2020

Just like any other company and individual, we also experience the limitations that we have to deal with due to the Coronavirus.

We have anticipated various scenarios and put policies in place that align with the safety precautions and messages of the Dutch government, to avoid additional and unnecessary contaminations. On February 25, all employees were advised not to travel to countries the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs marked as risky. Further, if anyone had concerns they were requested to stay, and work from home. On March 11 coming to the office became optional and soon after we have officially closed our office and changed to a fully remote scenario, in line with the requests made by the Prime Minister.

Working remote, the work continues
The benefit of being a tech company: it is easy for our developers to access their tools remotely. So instead of working from the comfort of our Amsterdam office and its perfect desk setup, our team works remote. And while the place where we work has changed, the work itself continues on schedule, and technical & business development carries on unabated.

Events policy
In the FinTech and Blockchain scene, events play an important role to exchange notes (for example during whiteboard sessions), network or talk business. Needless to say, as per last week we cancelled all of our offline events. We highly encourage initiatives like ZKProof, they decided to turn their 3rd ZKProof Workshop into an online only event, where some of Dusk Network’s cryptographers will be present virtually.

How to efficiently work remote
Amongst our team members we have shared tips, tricks and insights on how to work efficiently from home. Maybe it helps you too!

The GitLab all remote guide

A behind the scenes at Slack, with 2000 people suddenly all working remote

Forbes shares 7 useful tips on telecommuting

It is easy to fill your days reading updates on the progress of the virus, we strongly advise you to only follow official channels. We stick to the European Commission policies regarding office policies.

Stay safe, try to enjoy the change of work scenery, be kind and keep the faith!

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