Corretto code release! - Fast, efficient and bulletproof-friendly cryptographic operations
By Dusk Network

Apr 30, 2019 - Amsterdam

With excitement we present our first of many public code releases.

The Corretto curve is an elliptic curve developed by Dusk Network based on the Ristretto scalar field. Originally designed to abstract non-prime-order curves into prime-order scalar fields, the Ristretto abstraction would have been far too inefficient to implement for Bulletproofs. Fortunately, our team had designed a brand new curve that enables Dusk Network to utilize the power of the Ristretto scalar field while not indulging in the complex and Bulletproof-unfriendly abstractions that are associated with Ristretto.

Corretto opens up new opportunities for the use cases of zero-knowledge proofs inside the Dusk Network protocol as well as making our Bulletproof-integrated ring signature substitute possible. The readers are encouraged to check out the brand new paper on our Github 📑.

Explore the code here: Github 📂.

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