Bootstraps & PLOOKUPs - Dusk Development Update #26
By Toghrul Maharramov

Jan 08, 2021

A monthly development update series created to embrace the transparency and inclusivity that we strive for at Dusk Network

Dusk Network is developing the privacy blockchain for financial applications. A blockchain-based ecosystem of programmable digital assets that meet industry compliance standards. Companies use Dusk Network to secure capital, trade assets, and access a full spectrum of financial services.

Key takeaways:

  • Implementation of PLOOKUP has advanced to API development.
  • We’ve begun development of a new bootstrapping procedure to prevent transaction verification bottlenecks.
  • Creation of a Dusk Network Whitepaper 3.0 has begun.



The team has made great progress with the implementation of PLOOKUP, enabling us to decrease the gate counts of the existing gadgets by integrating them with PLOOKUP as well as implementing brand new gadgets considered to be computationally infeasible without PLOOKUP. Next up is work on the API.

💡 What does PLOOKUP do?

PLOOKUP speeds up proving times of existing circuits and provides a foundation for additional innovative features down the line, such as recursive proof verification.


Ultrafast bootstrapping

In blockchain networks transactions pile up over the years, and because of this the blockchain’s indefinite storage grows. In Dusk Network, the bootstrapping time increases linearly and is bounded by the computational cost of the zero-knowledge proof verification. In due time, this would mean that it could take up to days or even weeks to bootstrap.

This is why we are working on a brand new bootstrapping procedure that enables new nodes joining the network to quickly synchronize with the latest state. With this procedure, new nodes do not need to verify individual transactions, which is expected to result in bootstrapping times of minutes/hours as opposed to days/weeks.

As mentioned previously, we devised a procedure that enables the client to delegate the computation of the proof of the transaction to a server without revealing the secret key. The procedure enables us to have ultra-light Metamask-like wallets capable of facilitating the full range of features available on the protocol. The team has continued working on this, further improving the procedures’ security.

Protocol specifications

The team has been preparing the protocol specifications for public release and as a result, we have been going through the process of finalizing numerous constants, including length of the epoch and length of the bid/stake lock-up time. The epoch length defines a period in which the set of active Block Generators and Provisioners remains stable (i.e. you cannot join the consensus in the middle of an epoch).

Whitepaper 3.0

Since the publication of The Dusk Network Whitepaper 2.0, we’ve made a lot of substantial improvements, additions and changes to Dusk Network, meaning that a new Whitepaper is long overdue. Since the protocol has matured to a stable version, we do not expect any more major changes and as a result of that we have started working on Whitepaper 3.0 which should be available for release soon.


On December 9th, co-founders Jelle Pol, Mels Dees, and Emanuele Francioni opened up the floor to questions from the community in a CryptoBenelux-hosted AMA. Questions ranged from Dusk Network’s future business development intentions, timelines and technological developments. You can find all questions & answers in our AMA recap.

Jelle Pol, Dusk Network’s Business Director, released two articles in a new series focused on the specific signals and challenges needed to be understood and overcome in order to lead Europe’s securities token market transformation. From Dusk Till Dawn: Europe’s Security Token Market & Five Key Signals Indicating an Ecosystem Approach Will Win The SME Market.

Expanding the possibilities for our supporters, DUSK has been listed on with ETH & USDT trading pairs. Additionally, the month of December saw a multitude of Binance-led initiatives for DUSK, including a trading competition with a committed $75,000 prize pool and several rounds of Binance Savings events.

Dusk Demos

We strongly believe that privacy and compliance will be of vital importance for blockchains to play a central role in the financial ecosystem of the future. This is why we continue to put out valuable technology demonstrations and explanations through video content and articles.

About Dusk Network

Dusk Network is an open-source and privacy-oriented blockchain based on years of academic research. You can use Dusk Network to create smart contracts that control digital assets and securities.

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