DUSK Community Campaign Results

Aug 08, 2019

By: Dusk Network

Closing our campaign early due to massive community participation

At Dusk Network we strive to involve as many participants as possible in our Decentralized Network. With over 64k entries and more than 243k actions taken, we deem our low barrier Community Campaign a success. To finalize the campaign, each eligible participant is rewarded part of the 50.000 DUSK Token prize pool.

Dusk Network Community Campaign Statistics

DUSK tokens have been sent out to all eligible participants. In total, all 17k eligible participants have gathered a staggering amount of 13.349.220 points, representing 100% of the 50,000 DUSK prize pool.

Because of the massive community participation, the original end-date of our campaign had to be moved forward to the 27th of July, as the total prize pool is shared by a lot more people than anticipated, with prizes ranging from 0.79 to 226.68 DUSK. Average payout is about 3 DUSK.

You can calculate your DUSK Network prize with the following formula:

(50000 / 13349220) * Your Points = Your DUSK Tokens
All DUSK rewards are rounded to two decimals. Example: If your DUSK calculation equals 9,8765 DUSK, you will receive 9,88 DUSK in your wallet.

Unfortunately, we were not able to connect rewards with each and every participant due to the following restrictions: the absence or incorrect input of wallet addresses, enforcing entry restrictions, like the exclusion of certain regions from entering the competition, and eliminating cheaters, all in accordance with the rules of the game.

The results are final and not up for debate. Please know, we do not like to disqualify anyone either. But rules are rules and we are in no position to administer all entries separately.

Receiving your tokens

The wallet addresses have been added to a smart contract, meaning that all transactions are visible, and that the entire DUSK pool has been distributed to all eligable . Yes, that’s right. We’ve already processed everything!

If you did not receive a share of the 50.000 DUSK pool this is because of one of several reasons:

  • We have not received a correct ERC-20 wallet address within the time-window and through our campaign, as stated in our campaign update and terms & conditions.
  • We could not confirm your country of residence.
  • Participant stated to be a citizen from a country that is on the restricted list.
  • We found that no actions were performed.
  • Vyper’s system alerted us of cheating.

It took us a great deal of time to process everything, and we’ve looked over all 64K entries.

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants, and hope you stay with us on our road to decentralization as there are exciting times ahead of us.


The outcome of the campaign is not up for debate. If you wish to contact us about the campaign you can do so by sending a direct message to @DuskWallie on Telegram. This is the only point of contact for the campaign.

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