The Dusk Network Ecosystem: Constructing The Financial Infrastructure of the Future
By Sabine de Witte

Sep 24, 2020

How the Dusk Network platform drives innovation in the financial markets

The Dusk Network platform is the financial infrastructure, or backbone, from which many different financial solutions can benefit, as it provides state-of-the-art blockchain technology while remaining compliant with the regulatory requirements in their respective sectors.

The beating heart of Dusk Network is our innovative privacy blockchain: a versatile platform for all manner of financial applications, designed to allow institutions to reap the benefits of secure blockchain technology while adhering to international standards. Our ambitions, however, extend well beyond providing solutions to individual financial sectors.

Our aim is to connect these unconnected financial services, providing seamless interaction with one another through integration within a single infrastructure. At its core, Dusk Network is creating an ecosystem bringing together different solutions, providers, and technologies to the benefit of both burgeoning and existing financial markets.

Providing these financial markets with an infrastructure of reliable privacy-proof and permissionless technology, based on globally accepted standards, frameworks, and program languages will prove vital for all facets of the industry.

Connecting the unconnected financial services

The financial market is not a homogenous unit. It’s a vast collection of solutions and services with little to no interplay between them. This is one of the major downsides of the financial market as it exists today: the majority of these services and products are not integrated or able to connect with one another; they don’t have access to shared real-time data or the right permissions to seamlessly work together.

Over the past year, we’ve made headway on a number of initiatives, each set to broaden, improve, or overhaul specific sectors of the financial market as they exist today. Services such as digital shareholder registries, security token exchanges, and vertical funding are just a few of our active use-cases set to blossom further in the coming months. To keep our stakeholders abreast of these initiatives and their status, we’ve collected some of our most promising developments in this article.

Digital shareholder registry
partnership with Firm24 and LTO Network

Dusk Network and LTO Network will be enhancing FIRM24’s digital shareholders’ register and tokenize the share ownership of thousands of companies per year. This enhances the shareholder registry to contain all available Dutch shareholder information on a digital, real-time register.

Security Token Exchange: 'Project Dawn'

One of the latest news releases covered the more than $1 million investment by iFinex Inc. into the Security Token Exchange project of Dusk Network. When Dusk Network launches, it will be part of the first regulated security token exchange that combines the traditional financial industry with the blockchain ecosystem.

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
workgroup with Dutch National Bank

Dusk Network, in collaboration with the Dutch Central Bank and Dutch Blockchain Coalition, is participating in a series of private roundtables to discuss the benefits and parameters of a possible central bank digital currency: a digital Euro driven by smart contracts.

Vertical® funding
Security Token infrastructure partnership with Next Gen Capital

Next Gen Capital has chosen Dusk Network as its tokenization infrastructure to execute ‘Vertical funding’, which offers a new method of investing in high-tech ventures building for sustainability.

Compliant Utility Token
Tokenization workgroup with 2Tokens

One of the key objectives of Dusk Network is the tokenization of securities compliant with the current and future legal & regulatory environment. In collaboration with the blockchain industry experts at 2Tokens, we’re guiding the framework towards sector-wide changes that accomodate a decentralized future.

InterWork Alliance Europe

Dusk Network is a member of the InterWork Alliance and will collaborate with the organization’s global member-base to help set the standards for building distributed applications, including appropriate frameworks for tokenizing items of value, writing contracts over those tokens, and privacy-preserving analytics of multi-party data. All current projects validate with the current IWA standards.

The importance of infrastructure

Through collaborations, partnerships, and our seat at the table of influential blockchain & finance policy institutes, Dusk Network is able to provide innovative technology necessary for the infrastructure of the financial ecosystem of the future. We’re currently focused on European industries and legislations, as this is where Dusk Network and most of our current stakeholders are located. Naturally, our ambition is to expand our ecosystem globally, utilizing one of technology’s greatest strengths: de-emphasizing geographical boundaries as obstacles in the pursuit of progress.

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