Dusk in a Nutshell
By Dusk Network

Jul 29, 2018

The Dusk Network is a decentralized infrastructure focused on providing the sweet-spot between privacy and transparency in payments, communication and asset ownership transfers. It departs from consensus mechanisms like PoW/PoS, which are poorly suited for privacy, to introduce a new privacy-oriented consensus mechanism called Segregated Byzantine Agreement. Dusk is a new blockchain that provides true privacy and a fast and a secure streaming mechanism called Secure Tunnel Switching (STS), all powered by a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency: DUSK.

This means that we are building the first blockchain enabled platform that allows for streaming, file transfer and storage, and video/audio conferencing, all paid in crypto and fully decentralized, unsurveilled, and uncensorable. Our roadmap focuses on three main use cases; payments, digital asset transfer, and p2p communication. Especially in the asset transfer area Dusk aims to be the first platform to reconcile the requirements set out by both businesses and individuals with regulatory auditability requirements. This means that our confidentiality and privacy ecosystem will become the perfect, compliant, launching pad for Security Token Offerings (STO’s).

Besides technical innovations Dusk Network is a project that will deliver according to a strict project schedule, combining decades of IT delivery experience. The Dusk Network’s research and development is coordinated through the Dusk Foundation, a foundation that focuses exclusively on delivering the Dusk Network, and the academic, humanitarian, and commercial benefits it brings. Read our whitepaper here.

The Dusk Network consists of three layers:

1 — DUSK Anonymous Network Layer

A gossip oriented communication tier inspired by I2P.

2 — Segregated Byzantine Agreement

A novel privacy-oriented consensus algorithm vastly more efficient than PoW or PoS. Powered by Proof of Blind Bid.

3 — Secure Tunnel Switching

A protocol allowing cryptocurrency payments for time-unbound and fast data transmission.

(Dusk Network’s three layers.)

We conceived the Dusk Network to be the first unrestricted and fully distributed communication network that does not compromise high data-rate transmission capabilities with the security and anonymity of its peers.

The system features a new consensus algorithm vastly more efficient than proof-of-work or proof-of-stake called Segregated Byzantine Agreement, and built on top of a low-latency gossip network which utilizes non-repliable datagram and garlic routing in order to prevent IP Address propagation.

Finally, the Dusk Network is complemented with an off-online file transfer mechanism and with realtime Dusk payment channel to enable undetectable and fast peer-to-peer data communication through a technique we call Secure Tunnel Switching.

Why Dusk?

The very existence of freedom of expression, access to cultural heritage, information pluralism and economic liberty depends on the availability of a mean of communication capable of guaranteeing uncontrolled exchange of information and messages.

The Dusk Network was conceived for this purpose: to provide its peers with an unsurveilled and unstoppable network infrastructure that grants them the possibility to communicate freely while safeguarding their identities.

Everything within Dusk Network is skewed toward decentralization, privacy and communication efficiency: from the anonymous transport layer which solves IP tracking to the Secure Tunnel Switching protocol which allows efficient data transmission paid for through a blockchain-based digital cash called DUSK.

Use Cases

The Dusk Network solves the problem of secure data transfer, low-latency transmissions and paying for time-unbound communications with cryptocurrencies. This enables a sweet spot between transparency and privacy, and enables the decentralization of:

  1. Payments
  2. Digital Asset Transfer (STO’s)
  3. P2P Communication (Confidential Streaming)

This means that the Dusk Platform can function as an infrastructure for a decentralized service like Netflix, WhatsApp, YouTube, or a communication protocol for a drone fleet, a service where whistleblowers can safely communicate, a platform where cultural or political censorship is impossible, or the place where a business seeks to tokenize its equity without having to go through an arduous IPO process where the costs outweigh the benefits.


The Dusk Foundation is leading the R&D and delivery of the Dusk Network, a new blockchain that uses several technical advancements to deliver an ecosystem laser focused on providing the best trade off between privacy and transparency per use case.

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Dusk Social Media

Website: https://www.dusk.network
FAQ: https://www.dusk.network/faq
Telegram: https://t.me/dusknetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/duskfoundation
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/dusknetwork
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/duskfoundation/
GitHub: https://github.com/dusk-network

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