CBDC: 2Tokens, DBC & Dusk Network
By Sabine de Witte

Jun 30, 2020

Jelle Pol, Business Lead at Dusk Network joins CBDC committee

The month of June is largely dominated by our collaboration with the 2Tokens Foundation and the launch of the TWO token initiative. The TWO token can be used to purchase educational materials or attend masterclasses and will run on Dusk Network. The cooperation is in line with our vision to structurally reform current financial systems, partly through technical innovation. Recently, we shared our support for a digital programmable euro on our social media channels.

The collaboration with 2Tokens accelerates innovation in the field of tokenization. That is why we are particularly proud of the next phase of our collaboration: together with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and 2Tokens, we advise the Dutch Central Bank - De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) - on the specifications and framework for a Central Bank Digital Currency. Dusk Network Business Lead Jelle Pol joined the CBDC committee on behalf of 2Tokens and Dusk Network, together with Koen Hartog and Peter Verkoulen of DBC and Alex Bausch of 2Tokens.

Jelle Pol, “It is exciting to be working with DBC en 2Tokens to further the application of tokenization. We expect that token technology can have a real impact on financial markets, and a myriad of processes where value is exchanged between parties”.

The first use case is already on the agenda: on the 13th of July, a Round Table is hosted where the ideas and formats for digital currencies will be presented. If you work in DLT or FinTech and think your use case would be a great contribution to the roundtable, we invite you to submit your case via [email protected]. Find an overview of the specifications for submissions here.

    The importance of new monetary systems was highlighted last week by the European Commission (EC), where executive vice president Valdis Dombrovskis mentioned that the rules in place do not match with the present demand. Read Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis full speech here.

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