“Blockchain = Collaboration” event in Berlin with Berchain
By Mels Dees

Jan 31, 2020 - Amsterdam

On January 29th, 2020, Dusk Network joined BCNL Foundation in Berlin to discuss blockchain collaboration between Germany and the Netherlands.

The blockchain = collaboration event hosted by Berchain brings together involved stakeholders from neighbouring countries Germany and the Netherlands to showcase their work, exchange ideas, and discuss potential cooperation to further accelerate the blockchain space. Both countries have been at the forefront of blockchain innovations, and we see a lot of merit in sharing and learning across borders, as is in the technology’s nature.

Guiding principles German Blockchain Strategy

The German Federal Government’s framework showcases ten principles that guide their actions. Besides their focus on advancing innovations on the one hand, balancing it with several safeguarding principles to protect the overall ecosystem, the German government is actively seeking to expand international collaboration. This call to action was met by representatives from the Netherlands, as officials from both countries emphasizes the importance of collaborating on innovation and in particular Blockchain at the Dutch Embassy in Berlin.

Blockchain collaboration German Blockchain - Dusk Network

Presentation on the German Blockchain Strategy by the German Federal Government.

Dutch Blockchain Ecosystem

According to Rudolph van Ee, founder of Blockchain Netherlands (BCNL Foundation), more than 150 blockchain startups established in the Netherlands since the start of 2016, with approximately 100 still active end 2019. Dutch blockchain startups operate in all kinds of domains, such as Finance, Energy, Supply Chain, Logistics, Food, Healthcare, Education, Certification, and Marketing, which shows there is a lot of blockchain potential in the Netherlands.

In addition, Maven 11 - one of our lead investors - shared how they as VC look at the Dutch ecosystem and shared their focal points when considering investments: (i) Protocol level, (ii) Financial sector, and (iii) Potential impact on blockchain ecosystem in general. As of today, Dusk Network has been the only Dutch investment meeting their standards.

Role Dusk Network

The Dusk Network protocol is purposely built for financial markets. Following the OECD (2020) report on the tokenization of assets, there are three conditions that all need to be satisfied for a meaningful application of DLTs in financial markets: (i) business rationale, (ii) technical feasibility, and (iii) economic sense. Our protocol reduces intermediation by automation, and provides strict privacy while at the same time adhering to compliance regulation. This innovative technical feat makes the Dusk Network a great fit for digital assets and securities.

Blockchain collaboration German Blockchain - Dusk Network

Jeske Eenink presenting the role of Dusk Network in the financial ecosystem.

About Dusk Network

Dusk Network is an open-source and privacy-oriented blockchain based on years of academic research. You can use Dusk Network to create smart contracts that control digital assets and securities.

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