Dusk Network at TheNextWeb / Hardfork event in London
By Dusk Network

Dec 12, 2018

Dusk Network is thrilled to be at the Hardfork event where we will reveal details of our restricted Dev-Net and provide a step-by-step workshop on how to STO. Hardfork is organised by TheNextWeb and powered by eToro, the award-winning trading platform.

You can get your tickets for Hardfork here.

Multiple team members of Dusk will attend the event in London from the 12th up until the 15th to meet various partners and reveal our much anticipated Dev-Net as well as provide a workshop on STO’s.

Dusk Tech Talk

Be there to witness history unfold as Dusk Network, the Digital Asset platform of the future, talks about the intricacies of Dusk Network. Heading up Dusk’s tech side, Emanuele will be explaining the technical innovations of this technology and will explain how Dusk is infinitely scalable as well as being confidential and compliant. If you are interested in the underlying technology of blockchain, this event cannot be missed.

From the launch onward our restricted Dev-Net is launched and we start to accept requests from the community to join the development effort.
We are on track with the roadmap and in some respects we are ahead of our roadmap.

The public Test-Net is scheduled for January 2019.
How Dusk is bringing the first 100M of STO’s to market

At Hardfork; join our step-by-step workshop on how STOs operate and the future of tokenized securities. Jelle Pol, the Business Lead of The Dusk Network, will give an instructive and insightful session that will help you understand all you need to know about STOs.

Want to sign up for this workshop? Do it here.

What is Dusk?

Dusk is a blockchain-powered network that simultaneously guarantees transaction confidentiality and regulatory compliance on-chain. Dusk is designed for a restricted set of focused use cases ranging from issuance of Confidential Security Token up to decentralized Darkpool implementation and secure communications. The consensus mechanism called SBA* is designed to be the bridge between privacy, and transparency for regulators.

Read more about us here:
FAQ: https://www.dusk.network/faq

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Telegram: https://t.me/dusknetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/duskfoundation

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