Dusk Network is expanding the team: meet Moana & Eduardo
By Mels Dees

Sep 16, 2021

Two new hires join our Research & Development department!

Dusk Network is building the future of finance, utilizing cutting-edge Zero-Knowledge technology to truly innovate. To get there, we are continuously onboarding skilled and ambitious professionals to strengthen our Research & Development department.

The RUST programming language is vital to Dusk Network and our Zero-Knowledge Proofs system. In light of this, we'd like to announce that Moana & Eduardo will be joining the RUST team to bolster development.

Meet these new additions to the Dusk Research & Development department!

Meet Moana

Dusk Network has welcomed system developer Moana to the team! Although a former maths student, her real passion is programming. Spurred on by the professionals that make up Dusk Network's R&D department, she joined the fray while finishing her Software Engineer's Degree at Codam College.

"In programming, especially in system programming, I love that moment when everything falls into place after peeling off the many layers of abstraction. Each layer taken by itself is comprehensible; the complexity only comes when connecting them."

Meet Eduardo

Eduardo trained as a physicist at Leiden University, before shifting his focus to cryptography. As a former consultant for a large IT firm (and part of their blockchain working group), Eduardo is well acquainted with leveraging state-of-the-art technology for business applications.

"The focus on privacy was a large part of my attraction to Dusk. I believe a cryptocurrency should be as fungible as possible by default, whilst still allowing for transparency when desired. The key element being: the user decides."

Join Dusk Network today

Hungry to join the team and become part of a financial revolution? With significant ecosystem growth occurring in the leadup to our Incentivized TestNet, we’re open to new hires. If you think you have the wits and the skills it takes to become integral to Dusk Network, we would love to hear from you!

You can make a bold spontaneous application (CV & cover letter), even if we are not advertising for the role. We are always open to connect with talented people and discuss opportunities.

Reach out to us here:

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