Dusk Network expands marketing team in response to brand growth
By Mels Dees

Mar 05, 2020 - Amsterdam

Dusk Network has recruited a PR-executive and a Marketing Strategist to help lead its online and offline marketing activities, as the company seeks to connect the global financial sector.

Dusk Network introduces her most recent additions to the Dusk Core team. Sabine de Witte and Robin Massini recently joined the Dusk Network marketing team further increasing the team’s capacity and firing power in the fields of public relations (PR), Journalism, B2B2C marketing and strategic communications.

Introducing Sabine

With 11 years under her belt, Sabine joins Dusk Network as a PR-executive and Spokesperson. Having worked for a wide variety of clients and projects as a freelance journalist, pr-executive and consultant, she is an experienced marketeer. Her interest in new technologies plainly shows in her FinTech and Blockchain track record. Prior to Dusk Network, she was part of a Berlin based startup that creates self-sovereign identity (SSI), organised the Dutch Premiere of the StartPage movie where Snowden made a video appearance, mentored at Rockstart: the Amsterdam based startup accelerator, and worked as a scout for Venture Capital investors.

Sabine de Witte Dusk Network

Sabine de Witte adds: “What I like most is sharing and storytelling. Dusk stands at the beginning of fundamental change and has an interesting story to share, ranging from their R&D, to its business application. Helping spread that story is where my experience and knowledge comes in. There are several Dusk use cases and whilst I’ve seen many STO initiatives, none of them impressed me with working technology and a reliable business strategy like Dusk Network did.”

Introducing Robin
Robin started his career as a financial management trainee at the publicly traded Dutch Logistics Firm PostNL. With backgrounds in both Business Strategy & Finance he worked his way into several important projects and became a valued member of PostNL’s marketing management team that advises on strategic directions. In these roles he gained valuable experience in transformation and new business model adoption, as at that time PostNL was at the brink of reinventing herself.

Founding his own consultancy firm, Robin has had a direct impact on the sustainable growth of several DLT companies in the last year.

Robin added: "I love working those pressure cooker sessions where time is scarce, and everyone is looking for results. It requires laser-sharp focus where we get into execution mode and stick to the plan."

Robin Massini, will be joining the Dusk Network team as Marketing & Strategy Expert: “Anyone following blockchain related news understands the serious demand for privacy preservation in public and open source blockchain technology. Dusk Network is ahead in the race to deliver exactly this, and the perfect place for me to apply my expertise with B2B2C and strategic marketing.”

Dusk - Future

Ever since 2018 we’ve been diligently building, collaborating with various industry stakeholders to design to their needs, now is the time to grow our marketing effort and expand our horizon. Joining Dusk Network, Robin and Sabine will support the development of Dusk Network’s brand by creating and executing B2B2C marketing & sales marketing plans, and connect with large media outlets and journalists. In other words: ta(l)king things to the next level.

Mels Dees, Co-Founder and Marketing Lead at Dusk Network added: “I am happy to welcome Robin and Sabine to the team. Their experience and skills have already proven itself on multiple occasions when we needed to explain the complexities of Dusk Network to a diverse audience.”

Dusk — Technology for Securities
Dusk Network is an open-source and privacy-oriented blockchain based on years of academic research. You can use Dusk Network to create smart contracts that control digital assets and securities.

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