Dusk Network is expanding the team: meet Errol & Marta
By Mels Dees

Feb 24, 2021

Two new hires bolster our Research & Development department!

Dusk Network is building the future of finance. An ambitious goal calls for an ambitious team of professionals across the realms of research, technology, and marketing! We’re always on the look-out to bolster our ranks and welcome experienced industry veterans and capable newcomers alike.

The past months have seen significant growth for Dusk Network on a technical and business development level. But we’ve also seen growth within the Dusk Network family itself, with several fresh faces joining the fray. Today, we’d like you to meet two new additions to the Dusk Network Research & Development department

Meet Errol

Blockchain cryptographer Errol joined Dusk Network’s R&D team with a specific desire: to apply fascinating mathematics to solve societal issues. With an extensive academic background and degrees in Biochemistry and Mathematics, Errol is putting his knowledge into action, researching cryptography alongside Dusk Network’s similarly motivated teammates.

“Mathematics is my passion, with a focus on the algebraic areas within maths. When it comes to cryptography, zero knowledge proof systems are my primary interest, having an extensive impact on Dusk Network’s innovations. I’m also an avid reader, averaging 1.5 books per week, primarily non-fiction.”

Meet Marta

Hailing from Spain, Marta’s academic background covers mathematics, cryptography, blockchain, and even classical saxophone. A multilingual talent and fast learner, the addition of Marta to Dusk Network’s R&D department further strengthens us with a committed team player. Alongside her efforts at Dusk Network, she’s currently doing a PhD at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, further enabling her to share her advanced knowledge on topics such as classic cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs.

“In a world where big companies have the capability to store and analyze large data sets, our privacy rights are increasingly exposed. I am happy to be part of the Dusk Network team, pushing society towards new technologies that revolutionize current markets while preserving the users’ rights. Research at Dusk allows me to study theoretical aspects of cryptography and experience its direct applications in the project.”

Join Dusk Network today

Hungry to join the team and become part of a financial revolution? With significant ecosystem growth occurring in the leadup to our E2E Release Candidate on April 9th, we’re open to new hires. If you think you have the wits and the skills it takes to become integral to Dusk Network, we would love to hear from you!

We’re currently looking for a Full-Stack Developer to develop and deploy user-facing apps based on a mix of web & blockchain technologies.

We’re currently looking for a Rust / WASM Developer; a team player with demonstrable experience in building distributed systems.

Think you can make yourself a valuable member of the team in another way? You can make a bold spontaneous application (CV & cover letter), even if we are not advertising for the role. We are always open to connect with talented people and discuss opportunities.

Reach out to us here:

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