Dusk Network integrates with Binance Chain!

Jul 02, 2019

By: Dusk Network

Integrating with Binance Chain

All of us at Dusk Network are very excited to announce that Dusk Network has committed to integrating our privacy-oriented blockchain with the Binance Chain, a new blockchain system developed by world-leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance and the community. As part of the effort, we will be migrating a part of our token ecosystem to Binance Chain.

👉 Read the full announcement on our Medium

Binance DEX application & welcoming contribution

Mels Dees, on behalf of Dusk Network has submitted a proposal to list DUSK on Binance DEX

👉 Proposal to list Dusk Network (DUSK) on Binance DEX (CLICK)

We believe our integration with Binance Chain and application to the Binance DEX should not come empty-handed, but bear proof of our ability to contribute. Therefore, we are excited to announce two Binance Chain Evolution Proposals (BEPs).

1. BEP-AF: preventing Powerful Adversary Front-running

👉 Link

2. BEP-PoPoS: Proof of Proof of Stake

👉 Link

Integration details

The integration will consist of the launch of a new BEP-2 token called DUSK, symbol (DUSK-45E). The total token supply of DUSK (ERC) + DUSK (BEP) will remain the same as before, ensuring continuity and transparency. We are minting 50M BEP-2 tokens and burning 50M ERC-20 tokens, to ensure a steady total supply of 500M Tokens.

Exciting times ahead, we are just getting started!

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