Dusk Network Launches Public Testnet Shin
By Mels Dees

Jul 26, 2019 - Amsterdam

The release comes with a testnet DUSK faucet, CLI wallet, Monitoring tool, and more.

Dusk Network Launches Public Testnet Shin (殉星)
We are extremely proud to announce the public launch of our Testnet Shin (殉星)! Our research over the last year has led to an advanced zero-knowledge protocol that can be used for all kinds of use cases, and it is time to finally unveil it and open it to the public domain!

Resources for businesses and developers that want to set up and run Dusk Network Testnet Shin (殉星):

👉Technical documentation on our Github (click!)
This ReadME includes all you need to get started. How to create a wallet? How to load a wallet? How to check the balance of the address? and more.

👉 Node installation guide + wallet (Video)
Jules de Smit, Blockchain Developer at Dusk Network, shows how to run the node, access balances and other features.

👉Testnet Shin (tDUSK) Faucet (click)
Dusk faucet is running on the Dusk Network TestNet. The Faucet can be used to obtain tDUSK. tDUSK obtained from the faucet are for testing purposes only, and in no way constitute a replacement for “real” DUSK tokens.

👉 Testnet Shin Monitoring Tool (click)
Dusk Monitoring Tool is available for every individual node. It can be used to obtain block times, transactions, threads, CPU load %, network latency, errors and more.

What is Dusk Network Testnet Shin (殉星)?

Testnet Shin (殉星) is the first publicly-available implementation of the Dusk Network protocol. Dusk Network is a privacy-oriented blockchain protocol, that anyone can use to create zero-knowledge dApps. The Dusk Network protocol is secured via Segregated Byzantine Agreement consensus protocol. Segregated Byzantine Agreement is a permission-less consensus protocol with statistical block finality. Segregated Byzantine Agreement also includes Proof of Blind Bid, a novel Private Proof-of-Stake implementation, that enables Block Generators to stake anonymously.

“The release of Testnet Shin marks a significant milestone for Dusk Network and the entire world of decentralized applications. Since our inception in early 2018, we have been at the forefront of research and development in reg-tech, zero knowledge cryptography and digital finance. We are ecstatic that these efforts are finally coming to fruition. We will build on this momentum and bring our ledger to a large public.’’ — Emanuele Francioni, Founder and Tech Lead of Dusk
Dusk Network — Testnet Shin(殉星)

Shin is the first publicly available implementation of the Dusk Network protocol and serves as a warm welcome for community members to preview the technology and help us with this testing phase.

The goal of Testnet Shin is for you to engage with our technology and provide feedback on the quality, function, and overall experience of the protocol. During Shin we will be monitoring the network and collecting the relevant statistical data which will help the team to finalize the parameters of the consensus protocol and Dusk Network’s cryptoeconomic model.

Dusk Network Launches Public Testnet Shin (殉星)
Dusk Network Launches Public Testnet Shin (殉星)
Part III: Images of the Testnet Faucet and Monitoring Tool
Dusk Network Public Testnet Shin includes the following modules:

· Cryptography
· Consensus
· Networking and database module
· CLI wallet

Recap of our Testnet Pre-Release series:

👉Dusk Network Testnet (Shin 殉星) Pre-Release Series, Part I
👉Dusk Network Testnet (Shin 殉星) Pre-Release Series, Part II
👉Dusk Network Testnet (Shin 殉星) Pre-Release Series, Part III

A big thanks to everyone involved. This is only the start!

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