Dusk Network Pre-staking Contract Retirement on the Ethereum Network postponed
By Yannick Planteijdt

Sep 13, 2022 - Amsterdam

Due to the upcoming merge of the Ethereum Network and the possible downtime of the network, Dusk Network has decided to postpone the returning of the stake + rewards until the 23rd of September. Please note that due to this delay your stake will keep accumulating rewards for 7 more days. These rewards will then be added to your total stake + rewards.

We’d like to thank all pre-staking participants for their commitment over the past 21 months. The popularity of this initiative has been enormous, and we can only hope to see the same enthusiasm again for our ITN (Incentivized Testnet)) endeavors.

What is going to happen on Sept 23rd, 2022?

On this day, Dusk Network will return the stakes and accumulated rewards to all participants, after which the pre-staking contract will be set to inactive. You can read the previous announcement for more context and information.

Any future incentivized program will be designed to directly benefit and stimulate participation in our testnet and bounty activities.

Do I need to do anything?

We are happy to inform you that no actions are required from the pre-staking community as Dusk Network will handle all network operations required to return all stakes and (extra) accumulated rewards to their original addresses.

Stay tuned for new opportunities to earn DUSK

Here at Dusk we’re excited to enter this new phase of development, with opportunities and incentives for the community to encourage even more active involvement with the project.

For additional information, please read our FAQ, or contact us directly in our Discord channel.

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