Dusk Network: Starting the Browser Nodes Era.

Jun 29, 2019 - Amsterdam

By: Dusk Network

(Dusk Browser Node added to Chrome Web Store)

We are extremely excited to release the Dusk Browser Node! Dusk Browser Nodes allow you to verify zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs sent over the Dusk Network directly in your browser, even when idle. It does its magic automatically and only takes a few clicks to run.

The Browser Node is a step towards a fully browser based blockchain experience and allows you to directly take part in Dusk’s consensus mechanism, taking care of part of the work that would otherwise be done by full nodes.

(Normal vs Malicious Mode)

Take this opportunity to get familiar with the add-on, as we will be including future versions in our marketing efforts!

👉Read about it on our Blog

👉Download directly in the Chrome Store [LINK].

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