Dusk Network to Embark on Trade Mission to Singapore, Organised by Dutch Ministry of Foreign…
By Dusk Network

Nov 08, 2019 - Amsterdam

Dusk Network to Embark on Trade Mission to Singapore, Organised by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RVO and TechLeap.nl

Dear Dusk Community,

As we have recently announced, Dusk Network joined the Dutch 2Tokens initiative and the Partners for International Business (PIB) programme that serves to expand international relations for Dutch blockchain and technology enterprises abroad. Following this initiative, it with pleasure that we announce that the Dusk Network team will be joining the trade mission organised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, RVO) to Singapore between November 10th and 15th to build relations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

An important goal Dusk Network during this trade mission is to expand our relations with several Singapore based Security Token Offering (STO) issuers and stock exchanges, and discuss the benefits of a cross-jurisdictional (EU/APAC) multi-listing. Exploration in this field is needed to enable different types of Security Tokens to be listed globally (on stock exchanges in both jurisdictions), while adhering to the proper legal and regulatory frameworks in each region.

Singapore is one of the most advanced technological countries in the world and has an open viewpoint towards blockchain, innovation, and financial technology as a whole. For this reason, Dusk is interested in creating strong relations within the Singaporean region. Additionally, Singapore is a powerful gateway to access much of the Asia-Pacific market.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and TechLeap.nl (tech accelerator) make it possible for Dusk Network to meet with global financial institutions in Singapore.

The focus of the mission is on enterprises with innovative technological solutions in the field of blockchain for financial technology (fintech) sectors and AI. The mission is led by Raymond Knops, Secretary of State who is responsible for the digital government.

Dusk will also be attending Singapore’s largest events including the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF), Blockshow Asia, The Capital | CoinMarketCap and the Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH) which will be organized simultaneously from November 11th to 15th. Last year, the SWITCH and SFF events hosted more than 57,000 representatives from governments, businesses, and research institutions from 130 countries. This is an excellent opportunity for Dusk to meet with FinTech and blockchain enterprises from across the globe.

About Dusk Network
Dusk Network is an open-source and privacy-oriented blockchain based on years of academic research. You can use Dusk Network to create smart contracts that control digital assets and securities.

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