Dusk Network welcomes the Block Venture Coalition as a Strategic Partner
By Dusk Network

Oct 21, 2018

About BlockVenture Coalition (BVC)

The BlockVenture Coalition is the largest alliance of university blockchain groups and venture money in the world (41 university/research groups, 44 blockchain specific VCs). Their mission is to connect high potential blockchain companies with the resources they need to excel, while spurring inter-university collaboration. They have deep media connections, exchange relationships, and currently come across 5–6 blockchain startups a day (which will bolster the STO Incubator project flow). The Dusk Network has a very strong academic component — our whitepaper is a formalized academic proof, and many of our other research compendia and partners are following the highest level of academic R&D standards. It’s important to stay on top of the latest research coming out of universities — Dusk will do this through the BVC.

The BVC provides connections with solid public research and can kickstart adoption through user groups, node-running communities, public developers, and many more academically relevant avenues. They will be the key player to connect Dusk Network to the top Universities in the USA and the rest of the Americas, to ensure a healthy talent pipeline for Dusk Network.

Another key element the BVC is bringing to the table is their great connections to major exchanges in the USA. Dusk Network has a solid network in Europe, and wants to operate at the same level on all continents. For us the BVC is the partner that will enable DUSK to trade on the best US exchanges.

Finally, the BVC will help Dusk Network get a foot on the ground in the USA’s regulatory space. Dusk Network’s STO Incubator will initially focus on well understood local jurisdictions, but will inevitably tackle the USA’s securities space. A local partner will be a requirement to prevent a difficult process becoming impossible.

Words from BVC

‘Dusk Network immediately sprang out as a unique project to us. Their approach to deal with regulatory compliance and privacy on-chain makes me think of a private, scalable version of Ethereum’
Philip Forte, Partner at BlockVenture Coalition.

‘We are extremely excited to start creating awareness around Dusk Network in our University Alliance. There is a lot of talent here and I want to make sure it ends up working for the right projects.’
- Tyler Wellener, Partner at BlockVenture Coalition.

How to learn more about Dusk Network

The Dusk Network is a project coordinated by the Dusk Foundation. We are a decentralized ecosystem entirely focused on providing the perfect trade-off between privacy and transparency. Dusk protects privacy and fits regulations in payments, communications and asset transfers.

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