Dusk Network welcomes The Reserve and James Roy Poulter
By Dusk Network

Sep 17, 2018

We are very excited to announce our new fundraising partner, The Reserve, and with it their CEO, James Roy Poulter, as our latest addition to a great advisory board.

The Reserve is a token issuance advisory firm, offering complete support through the entire process of raising contributions, whilst spreading knowledge, ethics and governance in the sector. Over the last few weeks the demand for DUSK has exploded and it was necessary to onboard a strong partner that matched our values. The Reserve is professional, ethical and best-in-class, and we are confident that they are the right partner for us. We have therefore given them authority to handle them fundraise and the remaining allocation. Their CEO James will lead this process, as well as function as an advisor on the compliance side.

The Reserve

The Reserve has a strong mission to help companies, and the humans they consist of, raise their required funds and achieve their goals. The Reserve has strong roots in consultancy, banking, accounting, law and compliance, but uses these skills as a knowledge base, instead of simply walking predefined paths. Their commitment to giving back speaks for itself:

● 51% of the company is pledged to charity. This is a legally binding pledge that cannot be reversed, and is run by Founders Pledge.

● We endeavor to spend at least 1% of time on charitable initiatives. We’d do more, but we feel the best way we can make an impact on the world is through our work at The Reserve.

● We do not work with projects unless they clearly are positively impacting the world. This is a subjective, but serious commitment for us.

James Roy Poulter

James started his career in finance at EY, going on to become their international tax advisor, a position he held for over three years. Later, he joined Playfair Capital, an early stage venture capital firm, as Developer in Residence, during which time he was recognised in the 35 Chartered Accountants under 35 and the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30. After more than 10 years in a career covering finance, law, accountancy and technology, James is well placed to help drive innovation in early stage fundraising and capital allocation.

We are committed to bringing together the best minds from various fields and from different parts of the world to advise us on our journey of creating a world-class platform. We are proud to have James joining us and want to welcome him to the team.

We look forward to a fruitful and professional partnership with both James Roy Poulter and The Reserve.

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