Release of the Dusk Network Portal
By Robin Massini

Mar 15, 2021

The Dusk Portal is designed to be a hub for Dusk Apps. With it, we aim to improve the user experience and enhance how users navigate the blockchain.

With the Dusk Portal, we hope to set a standard for a better blockchain user experience. Anyone who uses Dusk Network, or wants to start using it, should be able to navigate between the various apps quickly. Essentially, it provides an intuitive interface between the various Dusk-related applications.

For example, you can use it to discover where you can purchase DUSK, create (or access) your wallet, check the block explorer, or stake DUSK. It will have dedicated sections for the community, links to our extensive GitHub repository, and Dusk Network developer documentation.

In the words of Kieran Hall, Dusk Network’s web application development lead, “We want to provide a solid user experience where people can quickly navigate all relevant applications and resources from one place.”

👉 Quick link: go straight to the Dusk Portal

The Dusk Portal has been created with the Dusk UI kit, a unified toolkit created in the new Svelte programming language. Kieran explains: “What we want to achieve with the Dusk UI Kit is for Dusk Apps to feel familiar, and have similar styling across applications. On top of that, we can easily push updates that will be applied everywhere, consistently.” This means when a new design has been created for a button, or we want to apply a new font, it can be pushed instantly to all applications.

Staking added to the portal. Labs & Buy Dusk released

Today, the pre-staking website has been added to the Portal. Using the navigation bar at the top of the page, users can easily make their way to other relevant applications. In addition to the incorporation of the staking dashboard, we’ve also released the Labs page and the Buy Dusk page.

Coming up next

The next feature on the ecosystem roadmap is the release of the Block Explorer, which will be added to the Dusk Portal on March 29th, 2021.

📺 DuskCon, the Dusk Conference, will be held on the 9th of April, with more portal-related features and updates to be released gradually. If you’re curious, go ahead and check out the portal and see some of these features that have already been given their placeholder slots.

👉 For more release items please view the Dusk Ecosystem Roadmap for the E2E Release Candidate.

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