Dusk Token Sale Coming To Ethfinex
By Dusk Network

Oct 25, 2018

Dusk Network Collaborates with Ethfinex to bring Dusk Token Sale to Ethfinex users

Dusk Network is exceptionally proud to announce a collaboration between Dusk and Ethfinex which will see the Dusk token sale made available to Ethfinex and Bitfinex users via the newly-launched Ethfinex token sale platform. A esmall portion of the fully-pledge token sale will be reserved for users of Ethfinex, who will have the chance to register throughout the next two weeks.

Please note that entries to the Dusk Network token sale will be determined through a verifiable random draw mechanism. To secure your spot, please visit dusk.network/ethfinex

The Ethfinex token sale platform launched publicly last week to allow Ethfinex and Bitfinex users to contribute to Ethereum token sales in a secure and streamlined process.

Dusk Network has been working together with the Ethfinex team behind the scenes, spending countless hours discussing how we can make Dusk the best proposition it can be. Ethfinex has played a crucial role with advice on liquidity, lock-up and vesting, tokenomics, and by leveraging their financial services network. Not only are they an incredibly helpful team, they also put us in touch with top market makers that will both be taking care of DUSK secondary markets and also directly investing into the Dusk token sale.

Besides trying to bring the cryptocurrency space to a new tier of legitimacy and professionalism, there are also a number of practical reasons for the collaboration:

  • Strong, innovative propositions.
  • Ethfinex wants to offer the best-in-class projects to their users. By making a small amount of the overall Dusk token sale available to Ethfinex and Bitfinex users, the DUSK token will be listed on both exchanges when the token unlocks in December.
  • Dusk Network is offering temporary listing exclusivity to Ethfinex and Bitfinex if the project is successfully funded via the Ethfinex Token Sale platform.
  • Strong marketing synergies, allowing us to capitalise on each other’s physical and digital traction to raise awareness of both projects.

We are extremely happy to be working together with what we see as one the most reputable, innovative and community-driven exchanges in the cryptocurrency space. We are incredibly proud to announce this collaboration and we are confident that there will be many future opportunities for collaboration as our respective platforms continue to grow.

About Ethfinex

Ethfinex is a digital asset exchange and trading platform providing access to highly-flexible centralised and on-chain trading portals to deliver a high performance trading experience centred around control. Market makers on Ethfinex are incentivized to use the platform through the Nectar (NEC) token which rewards traders on the platform with a stake in its development. The overarching goal of Ethfinex is to deliver a sophisticated trading experience whilst democratizing the governance decisions surrounding a digital asset exchange. As outlined in the original Ethfinex whitepaper, the newly-launched token sale platform brings down the vast technical barriers associated with participation in token sales, thus allowing users to contribute to projects in an increasingly fair and secure manner.

The Dusk Token Sale

DUSK is launching in December as an ERC-20 token. To help spread liquidity and create a larger base of DUSK owners we are collaborating with Ethfinex to host the DUSK sale on the Ethfinex platform. This sale will be great in aligning all of our fans and early adopters with the exchanges where DUSK will trade first.

The exact details of the DUSK Ethfinex sale can be found below:

  • $5000 fixed individual allocation available for 200 users.
  • Allocation is granted through a random draw.
  • Users need to perform KYC on Ethfinex, using the BlockPass app, to be compliant with Dusk Network’s KYC/AML requirements.

You can enter the random draw HERE.

Learn more about Dusk Network via the following links:

Website: Dusk.Network
Telegram: t.me/DuskNetwork
Twitter: twitter.com/DuskFoundation
Reddit: reddit.com/r/DuskNetwork
Medium: medium.com/dusk-network
Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/DuskFoundation/
GitHub: github.com/Dusk-Network

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