Dusk's Mission, Vision and Ultimate Ambition
By Berndt de Wit

Aug 05, 2022 - Amsterdam

In the upcoming months, Dusk Network will be releasing new marketing related blogs where we will highlight the marketing team and the work we do. Based on popular demand by the community we will touch base on our mission, which emphasizes the future of finance we envision. This brings forth the following questions: what is this mission exactly? And why is it so important to us? Well, it directly relates to our unique Dusk protocol, our way of working and it's strategic plan.

In short, a mission statement explains who you are, what you do and why you do it. One thing you want to avoid when creating your mission is lack of clarity. Clarity is key.

Why is this mission so important for Dusk Network? Our mission, or ‘mission statement’ aligns the community, the developers, token holders and business partners with each other. It gives clarity and direction.

Our mission statement, like all parts of our strategic plan, helps to focus the team on what we really need to work on, and - just as importantly - what does not align with our mission. This focus is absolutely crucial, especially in a long research project where certain aspects of the protocol can get complicated. Strategy is all about choices. A clear mission and vision are an essential part of any strategy. They help to align everyone involved, to work towards the same goal and reach the end goal as fast as possible.

Having a mission statement increases focus, creates priority and maximizes impact.

This is especially critical in mission-based organizations, like Dusk Network. If people in the organization have different understandings of what the mission is, we are going to have endless challenges and frustrations. When the mission does not align, it then becomes unclear where you need to focus your energy, your value creation, and how you can drive the most value for your audiences. The mission statement is critical to everything you do as an organization and as a protocol. Therefore, our mission - or mission statement - is why we exist. We use this mission to guide the organization and strategy with sound decision-making. Ultimately, the mission statement helps us to focus on where we need to deliver maximum value and impact.

If we talk about Dusk's mission we must understand the name and the product itself. What does ‘Dusk Network’ mean and how did the founders come up with the name? Dusk as a phenomenon lies between the darkness of the night and the light of the day. It is a fine balance and for that reason it is a good metaphor for Dusk Network.

We are trying to create a bridge or harmony between compliance and privacy. The first being compliance, which is mandatory for the public audibility along with the regulatory compliance necessary for a blockchain protocol. The other aspect, namely privacy, means ensuring the privacy of transactions and user data.

The product exists to remove the finance industry's dependence on intermediaries by offering a private and secure settlement layer. We are providing privacy-oriented blockchain technology to disrupt and improve the financial market, with a strong focus on enabling trading of assets and the ability to run decentralized financial applications.

In tandem, our vision is to become the leading blockchain for regulated decentralized finance (RegDeFi), by accelerating the world’s transition towards an asset-backed token economy. And our mission is to empower users to exert complete control over the assets they own. Our message to the world and our ambition is to share the fact that we provide privacy and regulatory compliance at the same time. We’ve made the blockchain private, we’ve cut out the middle-man and are helping institutions to save costs. Our ambition is to have our decentralized mainet fully operational in time for the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation to come into full effect.

Dusk Network signifies the token-powered ecosystem that we're creating. Of course the company we work for is also called Dusk Network, though still we wouldn't call it a company in the traditional sense. We believe we are a project with a mission to create this ecosystem.

The benefits of Dusk Network are being ahead of any other competitor in terms of delivering a regulatory-compliant DLT solution, and also focusing on being compliant and positioning ourselves as innovative compared to existing institutions. We are cost-efficient, open source and we ensure privacy-protection.

Hopefully Dusk's existence, mission, vision and ambition is clear now. If not, please send your question to our Dusk Network official Telegram account. In the next blog we will continue with deep-diving on how we execute the mission using our unique marketing strategy.

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