Releasing the Dusk Network E2E Release Candidate
By Mels Dees

Apr 08, 2021

Read all about our plan for releasing the E2E Release Candidate in this article. And while the next period is all about testing, we have plans to involve the community every step of the way. Yes, we are taking Dusk Network full steam ahead into the next phase: Public testing via an Incentivized Testnet.

What is Dusk Network’s E2E Release Candidate?
The End-to-End Release Candidate is the culmination of three years of dedication by the team, and ships a feature-freeze, signaling the version of the blockchain protocol that we want to go live with. The Release Candidate includes various libraries, which together form the E2E Release Candidate.

The E2E RC Release schedule
In the coming weeks, you’ll see a stream of releases related to the Release Candidate. Releasing the libraries sequentially gives us a little bit of breathing room to properly document and release everything, while we can shine the spotlight on separate libraries and do justice to the individual achievements.

You can find the Dusk Network Release Candidate Schedule here.

What happens next? Answer: A LOT

The Release Candidate will undergo a period of extensive testing and auditing. Previously, we focussed our testing efforts mainly on isolated (groups of) components, and these have already been ongoing for a while now. We will now be testing the entire stack.

And you will be invited to test with us!
That’s right. In a similar fashion to Cosmos’s Game of Stakes, Elrond’s Battle of the nodes, Solana’s Tour de Sol, etc we will be initiating a public testing period. We will share more details in the week after DuskCon. But let us just say this: we are very excited about the upcoming Incentivized Testnet Period and look forward to onboard hundreds of nodes and get every single one of you to take Dusk Network for a ride.

MicroKelvin - RC
Without further ado, let us take you to our first E2E Library Release: 👉 MicroKelvin

About MicroKelvin

In Dusk Network we use several data structures implemented in microkelvin for our smart contract needs. Microkelvin is the first toolkit specifically engineered for making advanced zero-knowledge friendly data structures easy to implement. It is a foundational component optimized for the storage of data within confidential as well as public smart contracts. MicroKelvin streamlines the creation of merkle tree data structures, with modular and flexible indexing and lookup behaviours.

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