Dusk Ecosystem Roadmap - Vision & Milestones
By Mels Dees

Jan 14, 2021

An eagle eye overview of progress: major milestones & deliverables, paths & interactions.

At Dusk Network we are on a journey to reshape the financial industry. Technology plays a vital role in the future economy, and our roadmap outlines the many components and building blocks allowing for that future.

Roadmap to Mainnet

In the interest of transparency and the inclusion of the Dusk Network community in our progress, Dusk Network CTO, Emanuele Francioni, has shared an updated visual overview of the project’s technological developments.

"The development maturity roadmap highlights how we leverage zero-knowledge tech within our stack. The collection of milestones it unlocks evolve naturally into an ecosystem that fulfills our vision for the financial industry. Ultimately the goal is for any organizations and individuals to use Dusk to access capital, assets, and a full spectrum of a new breed of smart financial services." - Emanuele Francioni, Founder & Tech Lead at Dusk Network

We will be continuously updating this visual to give our followers a better understanding of the road towards the tokenization infrastructure that is Dusk Network.

[Please click the image to enlarge]

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