Dusk Ecosystem Roadmap - E2E Release Candidate
By Mels Dees

Feb 02, 2021

The E2E Release Candidate of the world’s first privacy blockchain for RegDeFi applications is coming. Check out our upcoming goals from now - April 9th.

At Dusk Network we are on a journey to reshape the financial industry. Since 2018 we’ve been relentlessly building the world’s most advanced privacy blockchain. A privacy chain that is capable of more than just transactions. Uniquely, Dusk Network provides native confidential smart contract capabilities, setting the stage for the era of Regulated Decentralized Finance (RegDeFi).

Ecosystem Growth

Dusk Network is created as an open system, that can be utilized by any business, investor, marketplace, custodian, bank, advisory firm, government, research institutions, and any other service provider that wishes to innovate their financial services. With every additional stakeholder involved, we grow the ecosystem and extend platform utility for all network participants.

In the coming months the expansion of the Dusk Ecosystem continues. Together with our strategic partners we are on a mission to create an inclusive ecosystem that encompasses businesses from across the entire financial market vertical: from start to finish. Dusk Network will provide value across the entire lifecycle, right from corporation incorporation, up until the point when businesses start seeking external funding to propel their growth, all the way to being an established corporate listed on any of the many public stock exchanges. With Dusk Network as the compliance and confidentiality engine for a global connected world of finance.

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