Executing the Mission
By Berndt de Wit

Aug 25, 2022 - Amsterdam

This article is an introduction on what and how we execute our mission in combination with the key principles of marketing.

Let's initiate a discourse about marketing; For any business to be successful and have eternal life, a unique and balanced marketing strategy is absolutely vital. In basic terms, marketing is about giving potential customers information about your products or services and the reasons that they should choose your company. Outstanding marketing educates customers so that they can find the products or services they require, make better informed choices, and get the most value out of them.

Marketing helps facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers for the mutual benefit of both parties. This also counts for the blockchain industry. The same marketing principles have been around for decades and have not changed. We have the four original marketing principles known as the 4Ps, or the ‘marketing mix’.

The four basic marketing principles are product, price, place and promotion. By mixing these four ingredients in different ways, you can produce a synergy between all four that drives product adoption within your target audiences. They are interdependent and work together to complement and align all the parts of a marketing plan.

The marketing mix is fluid, allowing the marketing team to be able to emphasize any one area as needed, based on market conditions and what’s best for the target audiences, which in our industry are unique and very demanding due to its fast-paced nature. They are our investors, our token holders, our partners in the finance sector, and our developers. Without these people, we would not exist.

The Dusk Network development team is doing outstanding and innovative work on zero-knowledge proofs and we from the marketing department - counting around 10 content and community-driven colleagues - are turning the Testnet upgrades, releases, and technology cycles into plain and simple language to deliver to our diverse audiences and communities.

Consistency and explaining our technology in an appealing and easy-to-understand way is what drives us and what we love to do on a daily business. We use all kinds of social platforms like Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Github and LinkedIn to reach our specific audiences.

So what did we achieve? We launched Testnet - a big milestone for Dusk Network. We moved from a concept to an actual working prototype. At the core what stands: it's time for the next phase and marketing is here to translate, communicate, discuss, and innovate via our platforms in a consistent, trustable and simple way including:

  • New podcast series & AMA sessions
  • Fresh blog posts and articles on key blockchain platforms
  • Setting up key partnerships to strengthen our presence
  • Pushing our PR activities to the next level
  • Explaining what we do together with our tech evangelists at events.
  • Working on our branding, new website, and products
  • Developing our new milestone-driven content strategy (including email, performance, community and social strategy) with our team.

When a milestone is reached it’s a good time to reflect on what has been achieved and where there is room for improvement. In our sector and type of work, trust is key for our end users, developers, and businesses. This must be reflected in all the work we do.

To be even more consistent in our future steps, we will work together with top notch branding agencies Studio Dumbar and Pony. They will shape, innovate and introduce our new branding and identity. More about this very soon in our special branding article.

Besides all these activities, we have communicated what we believe to be a very clear roadmap recently, where we are building out specialized content teams, and we are heading to a future where there will be a finalized mainnet. In the meantime, we are explaining MiCA to our audiences, and showing how we integrate such regulations within our roadmaps, protocol and way of working. So please also check out Ryan King’s blogs about MiCA and the way Dusk Network is implementing this in their own strategy at this time, to futureproof ourselves from any constricting regulatory authority.

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