Interim Update March

Mar 21, 2019

By: Dusk Network

With spring dawning we see growth everywhere around us, and sometimes our newsletters cannot sufficiently capture the progress that is being made. Hence this interim update. You can find our latest regular communications here, and sign up for future news here.

Listing Update
We are blessed to bring the news that we are significantly ahead on our development efforts, and will shortly release our entire TestNet to the public.
That said, we value transparency and honesty, hence always trying to provide you with the most accurate time estimates for liquidity. We do not want to be a ‘soon’ project. However, the target dates we work with are influenced by many factors, and as a project that deals with cutting edge technology we are first and foremost mandated to delivering an excellent product.

We work hard every day to deliver to you the liquidity that we envision, across multiple top exchanges, in rapid succession. Reaching liquidity will bring an influx of new users, and we want them to be able to learn about Dusk Network the right way — through accessing our code, and validating our potential for themselves. Therefore, our listing date is slightly postponed until our TestNet is released to the public. We thank for you for your further patience.

New Website
As a true Dusk Network supporter you have already noticed our updated newsletter styling, and incremental changes across our social channels, however we are about to turn things up a notch. Today we are releasing the first version of our new website and identity.

We will incrementally be releasing more sections of the website, and you will see various stylistic updates across our entire brand presence. We are keen to hear your feedback so we can improve user, developer, and business on-boarding.


Closing words
Finally, we will be attending the Paris Blockchain Week where Emanuele will partake in a panel on Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and various other team members will be hosting talks and meetings around their own topics. We look forward to meeting many of you there!

Dusk — Technology for Securities
Dusk streamlines the issuance of digital securities and automates trading compliance with the world’s first programmable and confidential securities.

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