Dusk Network joins InterWork Alliance as member
By Sabine de Witte

Aug 20, 2020

Another step towards more token economy adoption

Amsterdam, August 20 - Dusk Network is proud to announce it has joined the InterWork Alliance (IWA). The InterWork Alliance is a non-profit, member-led organization that defines how digital token business processes can interwork and challenges companies to explore the options of tokenization.

As a member of the IWA, Dusk Network will collaborate with the organization’s global member-base to set the standards for building distributed applications, including appropriate frameworks for tokenizing items of value, writing contracts over those tokens, and privacy-preserving analytics of multi-party data. Joining IWA is important for Dusk Network. It helps our international business development efforts, and enables us to take part in the conversation about standardization.

Jelle Pol, Dusk Network Business Lead : “Our first involvement with IWA happened during the realisation of the TWO token, a joint effort between 2Tokens and various partners. Within the process the added value of standardization on tokenization was proven by IWA, offering frameworks and research on the topics.”

Joining the InterWork Alliance was a logical next step. Recently, Dusk Network worked together with the 2Tokens organisation and its partners to launch the TWO token. At Dusk Network, the education of large institutions on the topic of token finance and other means of alternative finance is of primary importance . Chair IWA and principal architect at Microsoft Marley Gray, also shared his enthusiasm for the privacy-proof technology, encouraging Dusk Network to join the IWA.

We are looking forward to working with and participating in the working groups, (online) events, use cases and spreading the message on education and tokenization.

About The InterWork Alliance
The InterWork Alliance (IWA) is a non-profit, member-led organization creating platform-neutral specifications and trusted certification to define how digital token business processes can interwork regardless of location or market segment. By focusing on real-world projects, market requirements, and performance metrics, the IWA will define tokenization and interworking standards to drive business-level interoperability, multi-party interchange, and trust across applications and networks. Our global membership includes leaders, adopters, innovators, developers, and businesses representing the best practices for every use case the token-powered ecosystem has to offer. To learn more about the IWA, please visit https://interwork.org/.

About Dusk Network
Dusk Network is the privacy blockchain for financial applications. A new standard for compliance, control and collaboration. Its mission is to enable any size enterprise to collaborate at scale, meet compliance requirements and ensure that personal and transaction data remains confidential. Companies use the Dusk Network blockchain to issue tokens, trade and collaborate via smart contracts.

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