Kavita Gupta, Founding MD of ConsenSys Ventures, joins Dusk Network as NED Chairwoman.
By Mels Dees

Aug 30, 2019 - Amsterdam

Kavita Gupta, Founding MD of ConsenSys Ventures, joins Dusk Network as NED Chairwoman

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We are pleased to announce Kavita Gupta joins the Dusk Network’s Non-Executive board as Chairwoman. Kavita is a well respected figure in the traditional finance world, and one of the early pioneers in the blockchain space. Kavita has been working with Dusk since early summer, and has already proven herself invaluable in bringing crucial knowledge on pre-IPO liquidity, share acquisition, and leveraging one of the world’s best networks to bolster Dusk’s adoption.


Kavita has rich connections to both the global venture capital market as well as the digital asset landscape. Previously, Kavita was the Founding Managing Partner of Consensys Ventures where she headed the unique VC-hedge fund along with creation of Tachyon- Accelerator by Consensys and heading the footprints of the company in India.

Other achievements include:

  • Led mission investing for the Schmidt Family Office, of ex-Alphabet Inc. executive / Google CEO Eric Schmidt.
  • Ran a $250M+ fund aligned with UN SDGs infusing capital in technologies providing first time or low-cost access around the world.
  • Has set up innovative investment funds across East Africa, Middle East, South Asia and recently in the US for the past 16 years through World Bank, IFC, McKinsey.
  • Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, Founding member of Distributed Trust Initiative and teaching “Beyond Bitcoin”
  • Recipient of UN Social Finance Innovator Award in 2015 for being an integral part of the founding green bond team at The World Bank.
  • She is on the board and advisory of various accelerators and foundations across the world like the Google accelerator social track, MIT Solve (Sr. Advisor), Vatican’s Right Now foundation for impact investments, Mandela foundation etc.

Kavita is involved in expanding Dusk’s business footprint in the primary (fundraising & OTC) and secondary (trading) markets for digital securities. “Together with Kavita we’re working towards the optimal portfolio of digital securities such as stocks, bonds, ETF’s and commodities” says Mels Dees, Co-Founder of Dusk Network.

“Dusk has a highly energetic work environment. We share a vision of breaking down barriers in our attempt to redefine key parts of the financial sector. The pieces are coming together neatly and I am eager to show the world what we have been working on behind the scenes’’. — Kavita Gupta

Emanuele Francioni (Founder & Project Lead): “Previously, at Consensys, Kavita has been playing a pivotal role in bringing the decentralized economy to financial institutions. I am ecstatic to welcome her to the Dusk Network leadership board and work with us in on-boarding large organizations that have yet to IPO. Additionally, the momentum that she brings with institutional and mainstream investors fits right into our mission to unlock private capital offerings to a wide audience by using permission-less technology.”

Recently Dusk’s technology has come out of stealth, and it is time for the business side to follow suit, with Kavita joining as a great start to kick off a multi-month unveiling process of everything that’s been in the works over the past year.

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Dusk Network is an open-source and privacy-oriented blockchain based on years of academic research. You can use Dusk Network to create smart contracts that control digital assets and securities.

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