Marcel Roelants joins Dusk Network as Strategic Advisor
By Dusk Network

Oct 05, 2018

Dusk Network proudly announces that Marcel Roelants, Advisor and former General Manager of BitPay, and former General Manager of GE and MasterCard, has joined Dusk Network as a Strategic Advisor.

Marcel has over 25 years experience in change-leadership, from helping startups succeed to successfully operate as EMEA Executive (General Manager) for companies like GE and MasterCard. Marcel has always been driving growth and process improvement with the customer in mind. He has led multiple manufacturing turnaround processes and has even grown financial services P&L’s up to $1 billion in revenue. Over the last few years Marcel has been working as active board member with several FinTech companies. This includes payment solutions with new mobile wallet technologies, Bitcoin blockchain solutions and global acquiring solutions for online businesses. Marcel has an engineering background, combined with a Masters in Marketing and has led teams directly and indirectly of more than 200 people.

Besides that, Marcel is currently Advisor, and former General Manager, of BitPay. At BitPay he was in charge of global growth opportunities, regulatory aspects and payment related subjects. For those unaware, BitPay is the world’s largest bitcoin payment processor. It was founded in 2011 as a way to make it easier for businesses to accept bitcoin as payment. In May 2016 they launched a BitPay Visa card which lets you load dollars using your bitcoin wallet. Nowadays, it can count businesses like Microsoft and Newegg on its merchant list which continues to grow day by day.

With his experience in advising and coaching startups together with his connections and great leadership, we are certain that Marcel will be of great value to the Dusk Network.

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