Meet Dusk’s Investors; Maven 11 Capital.
By Dusk Network

Nov 01, 2018

Meet Dusk’s Investors; Maven 11 Capital

Dusk is proud to announce Maven 11, a Blockchain focused Investment firm based in Europe.

In ‘Meet Dusk’s Investors’ we introduce some of our most important investors, giving our community insight into what type of added value we are driving from our partners, and to showcase the thinking behind their investment decision.

Maven 11

Maven 11, formerly CryptoCrunch, is a prominent European Investment firm solely focused on DLT / blockchain tech related ventures, tokens, digital currencies and digital assets. They are a diverse team of serial entrepreneurs and traditional finance professionals and above all are passionate believers that blockchain technology will fundamentally change economic and social structures. They have been investors in the blockchain space for years.

Some of their past investments include; NEX and Carry Protocol. They are backed by various traditional and professional investors in Europe. Not only does this showcase Maven 11’s significant financial support, it also speaks volumes about the propositions they select as their investments.

“By building an extensive network, we are able to discover, select and connect to promising teams developing disruptive emerging technologies”. — Maven 11

Dusk Network stands to benefit directly from the vast experience offered by Maven 11. Not only have they provided warm introductions to some of our most recent additions to the partner & investor ecosystem, they are also well versed in the exchange landscape and provide solid advice around project management as a whole.

‘The vision laid out by Dusk — finding the right balance between privacy and compliance — and their unique technical approach are exactly what is needed to enable many (enterprise) use cases. We believe that Dusk is tackling key requirements for widespread blockchain adoption and we are looking forward to be part of, build and nurture, the Dusk ecosystem.’ — Balder Bomans, Managing Partner & Founder Maven 11.

How to learn more about Dusk Network

The Dusk Network is a project coordinated by the Dusk Foundation. We are a decentralized ecosystem entirely focused on providing the perfect trade-off between privacy and transparency. Dusk protects privacy and fits regulations in payments, communications and asset transfers.

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