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By Mels Dees

May 01, 2020

Dear Dusketeers,

  • To educate on the capabilities of Dusk Network and the technology we are building, we have put no less than 9 use cases online in the past month. Ranging from confidential smart contracts to Security Token Exchange, Digital Share Registry and Decentralized Finance, Dusk Network solutions are tailored for business, and designed to comply with strict regulatory requirements and financial market principles.
  • Our business team steps up to lead one of the three ecosystem projects in the Netherlands. June will feature a series of press releases by the 2Tokens Foundation to showcase exactly why we were the partner of choice to support this initiative.
  • Education is important for us. We share our demos, use cases and take every opportunity on us to share our story. Educating on the possibilities in the financial world through blockchain technology helps us make fintech a better world and helps mass adoption for privacy-minded decentralized solutions. We are always open for guest lecturers and excited to participate in study information, like we do for masterclass students of RSM in September.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

― Nelson Mandela

EVENTFUL: Dusk x 2Tokens
It was October 2019 when Dusk Network joined the 2Tokens Advisory Board to support the leading ecosystem initiative in the Netherlands. After, our business team played a key role in the R&D phase of the initiative, which resulted in the launch of three separate 2Tokens projects. Dusk Network is proud to say that we have been selected to lead one of them, and our technology was an important driver in this decision. We have joined forces with renowned players such as Rabobank, CMS, WatsonLaw, DataFloq, and YesDelft! to make the project a success. 2Tokens also is a member of the InterWork Alliance (IWA), an international network to promote tokenization and education.

2Tokens will use the month of June to promote the launch of all projects, and you will be seeing a lot of us during the coming weeks. Next to all the interviews, webinars, and demos we have planned to support the project launch, we will also feature in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition’s Digital Conference on June 16th. Here we will share exactly how we capitalize on our experience and technology to support the Netherlands as the go-to place for tokenization. Don’t forget to register for the program for free if you’re curious to hear what we have been up to.

Dev Update
If you are a longtime Dusk Network follower, you might have noticed our developers slowed down a bit in the public demos department while upping their nightly activity on Github. Our developers worked their magic on building the most powerful privacy-enabling blockchain in the world, as always, and are working on a series of delicate transitions in different parts of the core architecture.

This transition is invasive, and touches all the different components being part of the overall Dusk Network layout, ranging from network (RaptorQ and Kadcast) to our ZKProof system (Turbo-Plonk) and ZK-friendly data structures. The nature of the transition dictates that they should be rolled out together, leaving little room for demoing individual parts in isolation. Demos of this game-changing collection of improvements will follow suit with a brand new monitoring system (Grafana and Prometheus), and a more pleasant and intuitive overview of benchmarks, howtos, and walkthroughs.


AztecProtocol, mother of PLONK opened up a PLONK café to discuss a forum for technical discussion and collaboration on TurboPLONK, Plookup and SNARK technologies.

Podcast Blockspeak shares why crypto is the biggest wealth asset in history. Host and former Forbes technology contributor Monty Munford invites very interesting guests to talk all things crypto.

An article based on a recent BCG research report that discusses the Digital Currency archetypes and introduces a Total Social Impact framework to understand the societal value chain impact of the introduction of digital currencies as well as potential effects of adoption by nations, central banks, corporations and individual users.

Interesting insights here, the American post-trade financial services company DTCC released a report on ‘tokenizing private securities’ and ‘shortening settlement times’ using DLT.

Do you have friends or acquaintances who understand little about blockchain and want to know more about it? Blockchainhub Berlin made its handbook Blockchain Technology available for free! At Dusk Network we highly recommend encouraging education about blockchain and tokenization.

Tommaso Mancini-Griffoli, a representative from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), believes that a synthetic private-public partnership could be the best way forward for a central bank digital currency (CBDC). At Dusk we are excited about CBDC because it brings legal tender to the blockchain. This enables exchanges to conduct end-to-end ‘Delivery-versus-Payment’ (DvP) settlement of securities on-chain.

One of our much appreciated community members created a project Dusk Live, which made it to Producthunt. Nice job!

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