Our first STO: BWRE raising €21 million

Dec 22, 2018

Dusk Network is excited to share that BWRE, a Maltese short stay real estate business, will be the first STO to launch on the Dusk Network. With the tranched issuance of €21 million worth of tokenized equity this is a great first step towards showcasing the possibilities of Dusk Network.

You can read the full coverage by our friends at Crypto Briefing.

credit: Giancarlo di Bella

The Blockchain Island

BWRE excels at identifying undervalued properties and renovating them into trendy short stay accommodations. The business targets a return of 10%+, impressive numbers for sure, but looking at Malta’s 15%+ year on year growth in tourism, combined with a 50% profit premium generated by short stays vs long stays, it definitely lies within the art of the possible.

BWRE CEO Emanuele Carboni states: ‘’It is a joy to be able to offer a tokenized real estate business that focuses on the blockchain island Malta, which has always been a place of technological and regulatory innovation. This attitude, combined with the liquidity and cost benefits are exactly why I chose to STO on top of Dusk Network’’.

Initial investment up to the tune of €5.5M is already secured for BWRE, and they are looking to offer a fully compliant offering for the remainder early next year. Using privacy technology that grants regulatory approval is a sure step towards a digital asset ecosystem that does not only work for the regulators, but also brings innovation to the user and business side of the spectrum.

Dusk Network’s business lead Jelle Pol comments; ‘’Although Dusk is a protocol play we have chosen to help the first few propositions to market through our digital asset hub. We are extremely keen to showcase what Dusk Network can do as a layer 0, and really see working together with parties like BWRE as a great kickstart to our ecosystem. We cannot wait to see more platforms use Dusk as an underlying protocol.’’

BWRE will be publishing a full information memorandum on the details of their offering closer to the date, and within appropriately eligible jurisdictions. The raise targets the EU, and will be made accessible for a hybrid audience of accredited, as well as retail investors.

How to learn more about Dusk Network

The Dusk Network is a project coordinated by the Dusk Foundation. We are a decentralized ecosystem entirely focused on providing the perfect trade-off between privacy and transparency. Dusk protects privacy and fits regulations in payments, communications and asset transfers.

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