Patrick de Laive joins Dusk Network as Strategic Advisor
By Dusk Network

May 10, 2019


Dusk Network is happy to announce Patrick de Laive joining us as an Advisor. Patrick is a successful and ambitious entrepreneur who has worked on several startups before founding The Next Web(TNW), which you know as one of the world’s most influential media companies. Since their inception in 2006 they have established themselves as one of the coolest tech and start-up outlets, leading to a recent majority stake acquisition by The Financial Times.

Patrick and Dusk

Patrick has been active behind the scenes in helping Dusk Network shape up a new and improved branding and media strategy. It is crucial for a new and innovative company, consisting of a strong tech element, to be able to explain themselves to the market. Having seen thousands of (tech) start-ups over the past decades Patrick is the perfect person to do this. His vast network in the space, combined with his keen business acumen are the cherry on top of the cake. With some of the truly major news coming up from Dusk Network we are working together closely with Patrick to ensure all the major outlets are given a chance to cover it.

Finally, you will have the chance to see Patrick in action this week at TNW2019. Dusk will also be present on the 9th and 10th of May in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are very excited to represent Dusk at the flagship event of one of our newest advisors, and look forward to meeting as many people as we possibly can! If you are involved in the security token industry and want to meet face-to-face, please contact [email protected]

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