Stake DUSK as a Provisioner and earn 12% APR
By Robin Massini

Sep 08, 2020

Note: Block Generator staking and Provisioner staking have merged. More information can be found here:

Provisioner staking launches September 22nd! Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s almost time! On September 22nd, 13:00 CEST (GMT+2), staking enthusiasts can finally become Provisioner stakers within Dusk Network. Together with the 300 Block Generators already active, they will reap the rewards of their efforts and play a vital role in our Segregated Byzantine Agreement consensus algorithm.

We want you to let us know you’re interested in becoming a Provisioner staker by pre-registering on This will give you a headstart on receiving all further staking information and benefit from early staking rewards.

Here’s the role Provisioners play in our unique consensus algorithm.

What Are Provisioners?

Unlike Block generators who battle it out to create the winning candidate block, Provisioners join the Provisioner Committee to agree on the block that should be added to the chain. This atypical structure adds a division of power to further strengthen the security of the network and diminishes any chance of corrupting consensus.

In function, Provisioners can be described as such:

All for balance and fairness, Provisioners stake Dusk tokens ($DUSK) in order to be eligible for a Provisioner committee. There may be 3 Provisioner committees, each consisting of 64 provisioners, which are re-created every consensus round. Provisioners are selected somewhat-randomly (which too can be swayed favorably within bounds by the amounts of DUSK staked).

The committee verifies the integrity of the winning block, and either approves or rejects. After approval, the finalized block is added to the network and the committee splits the reward amongst all its active participants.

Becoming a Provisioner: Minimum Requirements
The addition of Provisioner positions increases the accessibility of staking on Dusk Network. In contrast to Block Generator staking, Provisioners are subject to more flexible requirements which, nonetheless, reward long-term commitment.

Rules for Provisioner staking:

  • To become a Provisioner requires a lock-up commitment of minimum 10.000 (10k) $DUSK and maximum 1.000.000 (1M) $DUSK.
  • There is an initial 30-day lock-up period for Provisioners.
  • If you wish to withdraw your stake, a 7-day cooldown period applies during which you do not earn rewards.
  • Rewards are calculated on a daily basis. It can take up to a full-day before you become eligible for any reward.

Staking Rewards: Block Generator & Provisioner

Both Block Generators and Provisioners play distinct but connected roles within our unique consensus algorithm. This Dual Node system forms the engine of our Segregated Byzantine Agreement. Staking allows you to power said engine with your efforts while reaping benefits. Where you put your efforts decides what benefits you end up reaping.

Here’s how the Block Generator & Provisioner reward schemes stack up with one-another:

The current cap on Block Generators is 300, with an additional 50 positions to be made available on September 22nd, Provisioner staking launch day. As it stands, Block Generator staking yields an APR of 13,3%. This is set to change with the additional 50 Block Generators joining the ranks, bringing a balance to the returns between Block Generators and Provisioners.

How To Stake
Much like our setup for Block Generator, we aim to make participation as hassle-free as possible. This is why we’ll be employing the same kind of User Interface as seen with Block Generator signups and utilizing MetaMask to automate and ease as many processes as possible.


If you’re still not sure about becoming a Provisioner, perhaps we can pre-empt some of your questions! Our FAQ is an invaluable resource for any prospective staker:

Staking FAQ

Or register directly for Provisioner staking on the staking website.

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