Expanding Dusk Staking Opportunities With Provisioner Staking
By Mels Dees

Aug 27, 2020

Note: Block Generator staking and Provisioner staking have merged. More information can be found here: https://dusk.network/news/merg...

Provisioner staking increases staking accessibility for the Dusk Network community

On August 17th, Block Generator staking on the Dusk Network went live. Since we announced staking, we’ve seen an overwhelming influx of supporters keen to contribute to the network. We've had to cap daily entrants, and these caps were being filled within hours. Currently, there are nearly 300 Block Generators staking! There are only a few spots left, first come first serve.

In light of this success, we are now in full preparation mode to move to the next phase and make staking further accessible to our community.

Today we’re announcing the introduction of an additional method of staking, called Provisioner staking.

You can pre-register through the link below:

Provisioner Registration

Dual Node Staking: Block Generators & Provisioners

Provisioners & Block Generators are two different nodes in Dusk Network’s Dual Node structure. Both nodes play different roles within our Consensus Algorithm, with Block Generators generating blocks on the chain and Provisioners finalizing said block through a process of Block Agreement. This atypical structure adds a division of power to further strengthen the security of the network and diminishes any chance of corrupting consensus.

In function, Provisioners can be described as such:

"All for balance and fairness, Provisioners stake Dusk tokens ($DUSK) in order to be eligible for a Provisioner committee. There may be 3 Provisioner committees, each consisting of 64 provisioners, which are re-created every consensus round. Provisioners are selected somewhat-randomly (which too can be swayed favorably within bounds by the amounts of DUSK staked).

The committee verifies the integrity of the winning block, and either approves or rejects. After approval, the finalized block is added to the network and the committee splits the reward amongst all its active participants.

Provisioner Requirements

Staking is a bond of trust between the community and the network. Much like the Block Generator campaign, the Provisioner campaign is set-up in a way that rewards long-term commitment.

Rules for Provisioner staking:

  • To become a Provisioner requires a lock-up commitment of minimum 10.000 (10k) $DUSK and maximum 1.000.000 (1M) $DUSK.
  • There is an initial 30-day lock-up period for Provisioners.
  • If you wish to withdraw your stake, a 7-day cooldown period applies during which you do not earn rewards.
  • Rewards are calculated on a daily basis. It can take up to a full-day before you become eligible for any reward.

Provisioner staking goes live on the 22nd of September

If you’re ready to become a Provisioner staker or want to join the Block Generators already live on Dusk Network, please visit our Staking website through the link below:

Staking Website

To learn more, we highly recommend you read our article ‘An Introduction to our unique Consensus Algorithm’: https://dusk.network/news/consensus-algorithm.

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