Reinforced Concrete. Release Candidate Library
By Robin Massini

Aug 24, 2021

This public library release covers the implementation of Reinforced Concrete, the breakthrough hash function for ZKproofs & Verifiable Computation, co-authored by Dusk Network's Dmitry Khovratovich.

With the creation of breakthrough technology also comes the next step: implementation. The characteristics and benefits of Reinforced Concrete, as detailed in our Reinforced Concrete Research Paper article and the paper itself, have extensive ramifications for Dusk Network. This is why we’re proud to announce Dusk Network is integrating Reinforced Concrete into its tech stack.

World’s First Reinforced Concrete Implementation Integrated Into A Proof System

Briefly, Reinforced Concrete is an innovative new hash function capable of improving both the scalability and speed of Zero-Knowledge Proofs, while also being safer than many other hash functions. For an introduction to this technology, please read our previous article on the subject.

💡 Reinforced Concrete, or RC, is up to 17 times faster than Poseidon, which is considered the current Zero-Knowledge hash function standard. Additionally, RC benchmarks have shown it to be head and shoulders above the competition, achieving the fastest times to complete a full hash.

💡 Interested in development on Dusk Network? Make sure to visit our Grants Page and file your application today!

The E2E RC Release schedule

The End-to-End Release Candidate is a feature-freeze, and signals the version of the blockchain protocol that we want to go live with. The Release Candidate includes various libraries, which together form the E2E Release Candidate. Alongside these announcement articles, we’ll also be increasing the specificity of the libraries being released to ensure full transparency.

👉 You can find the full schedule here.

Previously we released:

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