Scaling our A-Team; Welcome Carlos Perez Baro
By Dusk Network

May 04, 2019

Dusk Network would like to introduce our most recent additions to the Dusk Core team, starting with Carlos Perez Baro. Carlos is one of the three great additions that we made to our technical team in Q1, and we are very excited to move him into the spotlight.

Introducing Carlos

Carlos first discovered blockchain at the Technical University in Barcelona (UPC) where his enthusiasm for the tech was rewarded with the honor to work on a blockchain implementation for one of the largest banks in the country. As a result, he was asked by professors to help document their research on Ethereum, and prepare material for the master’s degree in UPC blockchain technologies. It didn’t stop there, he went on to teach students about blockchain, smart contracts and his speciality, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Not long after his contributions to the academic world, he joined the development effort that supported the creation of ALASTRIA, a blockchain project and regulated national effort by 70 of the largest companies in Spain. Researching ZkSnarks sparked his interest for the field of cryptography, and his career propelled from there. In whatever time he had left in his day he contributed to open-source projects such as Rust Web3 and ERC725, a proposed standard for blockchain-based identity of which he was also one of the administrators.

At Dusk Network, Carlos contributes to the cryptography and the Virtual Machine (VM) architecture. Regarding the former, he is one of the two developers of the brand new Corretto protocol that Dusk is building. We are excited to have Carlos on board. He is a true asset and will help Dusk Network become even better.

Read about Carlos’ latest work here.

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