Scaling our A-team; Welcome Kristoffer
By Dusk Network

Aug 19, 2019

Dusk Network would like to introduce our most recent additions to the core team, and now it is time to move the spotlight to Kristoffer Ström! Together with Victor Lopez, Kristoffer Ström will be readying the zero-knowledge Virtual Machine (VM) for Testnet V2.0 Release.

Introducing Kristoffer

Kristoffer is a self-taught blockchain developer. At his job at InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) he was in charge of developing the electron client, and implementing a geo-ip lookup as a merkle b-tree on top of IPFS’ distributed filesystem. The IPFS web-client was using an external geo-ip lookup service, calling out over https, which if you’re building a decentralized application, Kristoffer thought of as “cheating”. That is why he wrote the IPFS geo-ip.

Kristoffer also contributed to Parity Ethereum client as a contractor, where he did features and bug fixes besides his work on an experimental database backend. Among other Github projects, Kristoffer created the database design of Appendix, an append-only key-value store with lockless reads.

At Dusk Network, Kristoffer is developing the Web Assembly/Rust zero-knowledge proof VM for smart contracts. Kristoffer fell in love with Rust because it basically feels like a synthesis of the best parts of the languages he wrote before, with the addition of a great type system. We are confident that Kristoffer’s experience with low level memory handling and safe multi-threaded programming paradigms is beneficial to Dusk Network!

Dusk — Technology for Securities

Dusk Network is the first privacy-oriented blockchain protocol that includes Smart Contracts. DUSK is fully decentralized and anyone can use DUSK to create their own dApps.

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