Scaling our A-Team; Welcome Luke Pearson
By Dusk Network

May 15, 2019

Dusk Network would like to introduce our most recent additions to the Dusk Core team. Last week we put Carlos Perez Baro into the spotlight, and this week it’s Luke Pearson’s turn. Luke is one of the three great additions that we made to our technical team in Q1, and we are very excited to move him into this week’s spotlight.

Introducing Luke

Luke’s love for mathematics stemmed from his passion for solving puzzles and riddles at an early age. At just 16 years he had already participated in what would become one of many cryptographic competitions. Impressively, he was a finalist of the ‘national cipher challenge’. Realizing that mathematics is the backbone of language and music propelled his enthusiasm and inspired him to become a competitive pianist as well as a multi-linguist (English, French, German, Dutch and Russian).

In addition, he is also a national debater, who has twice been selected to attend national summits for the European Youth Parliament. Here he discussed the future of technologies which fueled his belief in the positive impact that blockchain can have upon society. He’s been an active member of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematicians (SIAM) and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his studies are in the field of applied mathematics (University of Groningen, the Netherlands).

For the last 18 months Luke has been indulging himself in research on the topic of key generation and cryptographic security systems with a great interest in elliptic curves.

At Dusk Network, Luke brings his experience from applied mathematics and love for cryptography into practice. He is applying his knowledge of number and group theory to define cryptographic protocols that tie innovative technologies together. His first project was to create a cryptographic set inclusion protocol and has subsequently become one of two creators of the Corretto works and the Corretto paper. Whilst at Dusk, Luke has been designing algorithms as well as trailblazing elliptic curve operations, and after just a couple of months working alongside our top programmers, he is now coding them in Rust!

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