Smart Contract Platform: Genesis Circuits. Release Candidate Library
By Robin Massini

May 22, 2021

This week’s public library release covers four of the Rusk Smart Contract Platform libraries: Genesis Circuits. This second batch of libraries pertaining to the Smart Contract Platform is central to Dusk’s privacy at its core.

We've covered the Genesis Contracts and their significance to Dusk Network's Zero-Knowledge technology before; in particular, the Fee, Stake, Bid, and Transfer contracts. The importance of these contracts as pillars within our tech cannot be overstated. But before we release the libraries of our Genesis Contracts, we should first elaborate on the circuits that, in turn, enable the Genesis smart contracts to work their Zero-Knowledge magic.

This technology is called the Genesis Circuits, and today we're releasing the Transfer and Bid libraries.

At their core, the Genesis Contracts are smart contracts governed by the circuitry within; their actions guided by the Zero-Knowledge circuits enabling said contracts to perform Proof Verification, anonymity assurance, and other Zero-Knowledge actions. This is especially important to the Transfer and Bid circuits.

Transfer: Ensuring Synchronicity

The Transfer Genesis Contract's function is to ensure synchronicity between two states: the assets deployed on-chain and DUSK. Essentially, it allows network participants to easily transfer DUSK through a smart contract.

The Zero-Knowledge infused circuitry powering this Transfer Genesis Contract makes it possible for contract users to retain anonymity during the execution of these transfers: only the participants of the transaction have knowledge of the contents of the transaction.

👉 Read more on the Transfer Circuits here.

Bid: Ensuring Participant Privacy

The Bid Genesis Contract ensures that participants within our unique consensus algorithm retain their anonymity.

The Zero-Knowledge technology within the Bid circuitry was some of the most challenging for Dusk Network to implement. There is no other project to compare it to when it comes to the sheer scope of ZK technology seen here as it required several breakthroughs. The resulting Bid circuitry is central to the team’s invention of a unique consensus mechanism that is not only fair and green, but also able to guarantee participant privacy.

👉 Read more on the Bid Circuits here.

Fee & Stake: Ensuring Network Participant Rewards

The Fee Genesis Contract & Stake Genesis Contract govern the reward system for network participants and enable the staking functionality of Dusk Network respectively. The circuitry powering these contracts does not rely on Zero-Knowledge technology nearly as much as the previous two detailed, as the level of anonymity required for network users is far higher than that of stakers securing the network.

The E2E RC Release schedule

The End-to-End Release Candidate is a feature-freeze, and signals the version of the blockchain protocol that we want to go live with. The Release Candidate includes various libraries, which together form the E2E Release Candidate. Alongside these announcement articles, we’ll also be increasing the specificity of the libraries being released to ensure full transparency.

👉 You can find the full schedule here.

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