Staking Overhaul Marks The Road To Decentralization
By Emanuele Francioni

Aug 17, 2022

Dusk Network is on the verge of starting community node staking. The staking program will be progressively opened to those who have subscribed to our ever-growing waiting-list.

Today we take another step in the Daylight phase of our roadmap. We are nearing the community-run node milestone of Dusk Network’s development trajectory (please refer to our Roadmap release). Soon we’ll be able to realize our ambitions for a fully decentralised Testnet.

We are fully aware that relying purely on eager volunteers to support the network would be unsustainable. Therefore, we need to shift away from passive rewards and implement an action-oriented incentive program.

A superior active incentive program

This month marks 21 months of community staking, with hundreds of loyal Dusketeers demonstrating their dedication to Dusk Network. The popularity of this initiative has been enormous, and in fact much more than originally anticipated.

The current Pre-Staking contract on Ethereum will be phased out on the 16th of September. An important milestone in our ongoing transition toward Dusk Network’s native chain.

All future staking ventures before Mainnet will aim at and directly benefit and incentivise our Testnet program activities.

In addition, we will also begin offering bug bounties and task rewards in the near future, adding another point of involvement for our community.

These new incentive initiatives will provide a host of practical advantages. They will positively impact our testing KPIs, our efficiency in disseminating upgrades to our protocol, and even the fairness of our token distribution. We believe that the introduction of incentive mechanisms consistent with Mainnet will ultimately benefit the consensus timelines and educate the community on what is required to be a participant within the Dusk Network protocol.

Stay tuned for new opportunities to earn DUSK

The entire Dusk Network team would like to thank our dedicated Pre-Stakers for their commitment. We’re excited to enter the next phase of development, with new opportunities and incentives for the community to encourage even more active involvement with the project!

A one-month period of transition

We’re presenting all current pre-stakers with this 30-day notice period. All pre-stakers will continue to earn rewards and be able to interact with the contract. On the 16th of September, reward accumulation will stop and all stakes + outstanding rewards will be transferred back to their original addresses. Once every stake is returned, we will retire the contract.

For additional information, please read our FAQ & Staking Guide.

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